Fuck Today, Continued


White-power patches and social media history? No problem.

This, though? ¡Quelle horreur!


Along those lines,

The law, Measure 114, grants county sheriffs and police chiefs discretion to determine who qualifies to purchase a firearm under a new permit-to-purchase program.
But Measure 114 lacks criteria clearly defining what disqualifies applicants, details on what makes someone a threat and what data can be used by law enforcement in making that decision. That’s a problem for activists who have critiqued law enforcement, particularly in the racial justice protests that took place over the past two years.

Great, so let the right wing supporting, fascist-adjacent (at best) LEO decide who can and who cannot be armed. That seems like the worst possible solution to the gun problem.


Also, what about the whole “no gummint is gonna regulate who gets a gun!” crowd?


My state, racking up the wins today:


They will be kept in a locked cupboard to keep them safe.


Just the US, exporting our gun violence to other countries.


We love it! Like jazz rock and roll and hip hop, the world also loves the very worst of America!


I first read that as a reply to the post right above it, about child laborers. Still works for it, really.


I am glad no one was injured and I feel bad for all the helpless fish. But I am frustrated by the lack of surveillance video showing the event.


Somewhere between “Awesome!” and “Oh no…” :confused:


If we appropriately punish companies that hire undocumented and minor workers we end up punishing the workers. I’d like to know if there is evidence that the kids were even getting paid. It might not seem strange to someone from a place where kids routinely go to work that their kid came to the plant too. The floor managers who allowed this to continue should be charged with child endangerment.
Sorry for the unjointed thoughts.

If one’s JAQing is to have any credibility, it helps to read beyond the headline. Having read the article, I have no doubt these kids were getting paid:

Among the children found working at the plant, Reuters learned, were two Guatemalan brothers, aged 13 and 15, who were taken into protective custody by federal authorities. While they worked at SL, the brothers lived without their parents, staying with other factory workers in a sparsely furnished house owned by the president of the staffing agency that hired them, according to property records, family members, and a former coworker interviewed at the home in Alabama. A teenage cousin who worked at the factory with the brothers said that no one at SL ever verified workers’ ages. “They didn’t ask any questions,” the cousin said.


Because humans dying and being sick doesn’t impact the economy like oil does! \s

but like really though… Why don’t we? I guess I always assumed we did.


i have mixed feelings about this line of argument. i think it only holds if one takes for granted that having a gun is a good thing.

having a gun at home is dangerous and is linked with increased risk for injury and death.

so yes, differential treatment under the law is bad. but this seems akin to saying everyone except registered republicans must get vaccinated. i would feel bad for the families of the republicans, not everyone else


Thing is, that’s a very individual decision depending on what is going on in your personal situation. I always swore I would never have a gun in my home, until an ex of my daughter’s started stalking her and then tried to abduct her at her school. When he started showing up at our house, you bet your ass I changed my mind on that. I would not want to be in a position where my political views (being a cis/het/white man, that’s pretty much what it would come down to) determined whether I could or could not own. Lots of BIPoC, LGBTQ and other groups are under enough threat that they may feel the need. A situation where fascists are encouraged to be armed, others are prevented is a set up for a Kristallnacht kind of thing. Keep in mind, part of what makes them so brave is thinking that they are the only ones who are armed.

ETA: Just to be clear, I am not arguing that having a gun is a good thing, but feeling that you need to, and being prevented from doing so because you are BIPoC, LGBTQ, etc. is a very bad thing.


I figured there was something for the military, but the rest of us would end up paying - one way or another.