Fuck Today, Continued

But if we don’t keep shooting each other how will those gun company stocks keep paying dividends?

Don’t you have any sympathy for human life? Think of the stocks, not the children! We can always make more children to shoot at, after all.


Honestly how this plays with the GOP narrative around race and the culture wars is sickening. I’m disgusted and angry and exhausted all at once. I want everyone to see what a goddamned shithole this place is becoming and react to protect themselves from these ghouls but so long as it can be spun as “crime ridden liberal cities” we are fucked as a nation.


Yes, but you misidentified a Glock 17 as a Glock 19 that time, so you don’t get to have an opinion about guns.




The way this situation is described is disturbing. Starting with Oakland and leaning into narratives about lack of community support for the police sounds like victim blaming:

“Communities that are especially impacted by gun violence believe that the police are ineffective or indifferent, and as a result, they’re less willing to cooperate and provide information the police need to have successful investigations,” says Cook, who has several research articles on the topic coming out.

“It is undermining whatever trust there is in the police. And it’s a vicious circle,” Cook says.

OTOH, maybe the cops weren’t worthy of any trust from the beginning and it went downhill from there. :woman_shrugging:t4: We’ve all learned that speaking to cops without a lawyer can lead to being wrongfully incarcerated. However, Cook claims more people need to talk to the cops to help them do their jobs. I’m sure the outcome from all those cases of cops executing people on camera and rarely getting charged or convicted of any crime really improved public opinion of what kind of job cops are doing. :weary:

Cities that hold cops accountable, put effort into engaging members of the community, increase beat cops to increase communication, and require that cops live in the communities where they work have had better outcomes. While Prof. Cook’s conclusions are front and center, this jumped out at me from much further down the page:

Researchers say key ways cities can to try to stop the downward spiral is simply investing more in homicide investigations: improving crime labs, training, DNA testing, computer modeling systems.

Those points in the article about corrupt cops caught lying and coercing people to close cases are other key reasons for the mistrust. Finding loopholes to manipulate the figures is viewed the same way. More negative opinions come from incidents of racist behavior among the city’s cops that capture the attention of the press. The reason for the mistrust is because cops have not been acting in a way that inspires it. They’ve made it clear that they are more interested in protecting and serving themselves that anyone else*, so now we see more evidence of their incompetence on display instead of copaganda. The fact that judges and prosecutors are holding them to a higher standard is good. The public should do the same, and compensate them based on performance.

Defund the police. :fist:t4:

*Examples of this can be found in the BLM, Buttheads, Uprising, and Defund topics.


It is NPR, after all.


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Not sure where else to put this… It sounds like people in Haiti are beyond fed up with what’s been happening, the lack of action to address it, and are now fighting back against people they see as the problem.

But of course some will see this as evidence of the “unfitness” of Haitians to handle their own affairs, rather than a very human reaction to continued chaos and the people profiting from it.


Just a reminder that this piece of shit human is still running free, happily having his case bumped forward. Again. And again.

I don’t know what the significance is of the last entry, or the requirement of video. “No psi” means “No pre-sentence investigation.” Perhaps this means he’s going to plead guilty? Any Mutant Lawyers able to parse this.


Found this on delays, but still would like to see more details on whether or not the offense makes any difference in the wait time:


That story is a “Fuck Today” all on its own.


Not a lawyer, but definitely sounds like he’s changing his plea to guilty, which apparently requires him to watch a video to make sure he understands the import of that decision.

Which makes me wonder what new evidence they have against him, or if his lawyer got a sweet plea deal allowing him to walk with no further punishment (and not on the sex offender registry) if he pleads guilty.


It is a crime that is plaguing Brazil since the 1990´s.


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Oh my God, that hurts my soul. We can do so much now, but so little… :sob: