"Future Internment Camp" signs pop up across the country


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Is this clickbait? I can’t tell whats real anymore…


Fun ideas for craft time with the kids this weekend.


This, this is satire.


don’t call it art or they’ll use it as an excuse to cut art funding - not that they seem to need an excuse

it’s like @FutureCNN come to life


This is great! I for one am excited to see more guerrilla art hitting the streets. Resist!


Plastic Jesus

Is there any other?



Oh yeah. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wfamPW3Eaw


QRCode in lower right corner of sign resolves to http://www.plasticjesus.net/



Here’s the original (FF to 2:13 if you want to hear only the singing part):


The problem here is that this kind of muddies the waters. Trump actually wants to build a whole lot of internment camps - his desire to build “detention centers” that would hold millions of people was explicitly spelled out in one of his executive orders about rounding up immigrants. Whether they’ll get the funding to do so is uncertainly, but the intent is certainly there.


When I first saw this, I thought they were a threat, like those billboards about voter fraud that were put in poor democratic-leaning neighborhoods.


How about “Future secessionist capital”?


Do you put internment camps in the middle of a big city though? I can imagine this campaign having more impact if the signs go up on rural fences along occasionally traveled routes - hiking trails etc.


If you put the URL on its own line, it’ll embed.

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to immediately think of this song.


This song was also in Cool Hand Luke



When I first saw the headline I thought this was about Obama’s FEMA internment camps right-wing loonies went on about.


Buddy Jesus?