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One can hope it turns out to be more than rumor and takes him out of the race…




But not out of the country. He gave up his Canadian citizenship at the start of his Presidential run. America is stuck with him.


The conspiratorial part of my brain (very minor, not be taken seriously) is wondering if Cruz manufactured the whole “fighting with Donald over wives” thing in order to create some preemptive deniability for the DC madam stuff.


This is the best thing I’ve read today, or my slightly fever-addled, dazed-brained state has fooled me into believing that:

etc. there are so many, all sublime


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lustily jeered



Er, what?


The Michele Bachmann?!? Wow. Didn’t know she used the subway, I thought it was below her, how many takes do you think that clip took to make 10, 20, 30? But hey, who know Michele Bachmann would ever be one to give Hillary some friendly advice, the chances of that happening are about the same as Donald Trump vomiting rainbo… no way!


1/3 of Trump supporters won’t vote if he’s not the nominee, apparently. Surprised it’s so low, to be honest.


It is a little surprising, though you have to factor in that many Trumpists consider Hillary Clinton to be the Anti-Christ. They might not like who they vote for, but they despise who they’ll vote against.


You know it’ll be fun to piss off the Koch Bros on both the Congress and Senate level now that they completely abandon the presidential election.


I know. I’ve always wondered why they even cared about this branch? Now they’re going to devote all of their grubby resources on congressional contests, which are the people who make laws and play obstructionists to the executive branch.

Maybe no EPA appointments next year? I think that they’re running scared.


Conservative groups frustrated by Republican nomination contest, particularly frontrunner Donald Trump, advised to ignore the ‘cult of the presidency’

The ‘cult of the presidency.’ There’s the Republican theme for the next Democratic presidency. Get used to hearing it. Repeatedly.


I saw this coming…


“Your own Distressed Asset Stabilization Program, which was designed to help right the wrongs of the meltdown years, has been selling homes that once belonged to the families I’ve spoken with at rock-bottom prices to the Wall Street entities that created this situation in the first place,” [Rep. Raúl] Grijalva wrote [D-Ariz.].

This is what I mean when there’s all this chatter about Goldman Sachs paying fines that will later be used to help distressed homeowners.

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but Sec. of Labor Thomas Perez had a visit with Bill Maher last Friday.


Inevitably, if you check the twitters, more infighting amongst Dems is ensuing.

It was obvious Castro was angling for VP 4 years ago, but he has a desperately weak CV (San Antonio mayor is a much less impressive position that it appears to be), and he’s really only liked because he’s demographically useful. I do hope that if we do have to be landed with Clinton, we get a better choice for VP, but I fear we won’t.




Great article. Welcome back, @Cowicide!

Neoliberalism, from this point on, will not have the cover it did before the Sanders campaign. . . . The fantasy that only neoliberal stalwarts have the competence to handle money and defense has been shattered. . . .

[T]he key idea progressives should take from his winning campaign is that the first and most important thing to do is to change the terms of discourse, because to speak in the other side’s language is to concede defeat.

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