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You think I believe this?[/quote]

No, but you did appear to be suggesting that it was not unreasonable for the GOP base to believe it.


Christmas is cancelled.

Is he suggesting Trump is King, or the second coming? WTF?


Because I thought it had to be fake:


They are either (a) completely batshit insane or (b) trolling.

I’m guessing (b).


Given the recent history of the GOP I would have gone with (a)


Or © hitting the eggnog REALLY hard this morning.

Or (d) all of the above.



While I’ve been trying to give Assange the benefit of the doubt as merely being an unwitting dupe manipulated by Russian intelligence, it keeps getting harder and harder. He certainly knows the scope of murders/assassinations of journalistic critics of the regime in Russia, all executed by a Russian mafia with close connections to the oligarchs. He certainly knows about the limits on freedom of speech and freedom the press in Russia. For him to fan over the Putin regime and lie that boldly, it’s hard to see him as anything but a willing accomplice.


(b), with enough ambiguity to say “we meant Jesus”, if they are called out on it.


Exactly, it’s a big WINK to their followers (“ha ha, we called him King, liberal tears will flow!!”) that they can laugh off as “Oh, you snowflakes love to mis-read things!” WINK!!


There is no other inferance besides “just as the wise men did (two millennia ago), this Christmas (in 2016) [signifies there is about to be] a time to celebrate the good news of a new King.” Best case they were talking about the second coming of Jesus which Greek Orthodoxy takes very seriously.

I originally just thought it was written by an idiot, but now I’m convinced it was trolling. There is no reason for them to double down instead of clarifying and laugh off the bad grammar.


Lead story on CBS today…





Oh, they just noticed this now???



Apparently Trump doesn’t know who Seth MacFarlane is (or how to check Twitter bios). Or how to use spellcheck. Or how to spell.




His latest might be the most obvious lie yet - that or the foundation does nothing but collect money that isn’t taxed…


Given that the Trump Foundation has recently admitted self-dealing, and their records show the exact opposite of what he’s saying, I’m not sure why the President-Elect would publish such an easily-disprovable lie. But then again, nothing makes sense where he’s concerned, really.


The truth has never been an impediment for him up to this point. Why would you think it would be now?


Nothing to see here…