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That was interesting, and makes some sense.



“Spicer said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that he thinks it freaks the mainstream media out that Trump has more than 45 million people following him on social media.”

Isn’t it cool how much of a shit-stirring troll my boss is??


Presumably that 45M is twitter + facebook + instagram? I imagine there’s quite a lot of overlap.

His twitter account has 18.3M followers, not 45M.

I don’t think that’s enough to compensate for not bothering with press conferences. But still, at least I’m not Sean Spicer. What’s a press secretary meant to do if the guy he works for doesn’t bother with press releases?

Also, this means that as long as I keep the President blocked on twitter for 4 years, I can avoid all his drivel.


Guesses on the surprise?

  • “Peter Thiel’s Palantir has been tremendous in hacking, just huge. We’re proud to announce we’ll be creating a permanent public-private partnership between the NSA and Palantir”
  • “We’re upgrading the firewall at Mar a Lago.”
  • “The US and Russia’s cyberdefences finally can join forces to protect the cyber.”
  • “I have a son. He’s 10 years old. He’ll be taking over US cybersecurity.”

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Haldeman’s notes prove Nixon was interfering to subvert the Vietnam peace process:

Maybe some day we’ll have William Casey’s notes proving Reagan did the same with Iran in '80. Have to wonder what Trump’s connections to Putin will yield in 50 years.


Last year he was following a random Australian cricketer, apparently.


Didn’t this guy also recently claim China was a bigger cyber threat than Russia? Something about hacking a bunch of files recently?

[quote]“China took over a million records, sensitive data of people like me who had worked in the government at any time,” Spicer said. “Not one thing happened.”

“There is a question about whether there’s a political retribution here, versus a diplomatic response,” he added.[/quote]I see he also fails to mention Russia hacking into millions of federal employee records in 2015 too, unless he is trying to claim China hacked the US recently or something.



That would be amazing up until the point the crowd cheered for it.



This is fine.


If you hold a secret vote during a secret meeting on a national holiday to remove the power of an independent ethics watchdog, and you’re cheered by actual Nazis, can you in any way still think you’re the good guys?


When you’ve defined “good” as “power to my own in-group” and “removal/denial of power to the out-group”.


I understand that the GOP is drunk on power and eager to destroy, but I’d think there would be a tiny inkling of “Hey, pretty much everything we’re doing right now makes us look cartoonishly evil to the public and nakedly awful, maybe we shouldn’t make the FIRST thing we do in 2017 be something the bad guys do in a comic book movie.”


I’m too sleepy to dig it up right now, but I’m just remembering that political cartoon going around that basically said that Mike Pence looks like someone getting ready to pass an anti-mutant law, and the next panel is a scarily similar-looking character from the X-Men comics pointing at Nightcrawler, calling him inhuman.



“Are we the baddies?” springs to mind: