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In more projection news.

I don’t know if I’m more offended by his hypocrisy or stupidity. Potentially years in prison, for one vote?


Probably knows loyalty- lover Trump will get him off the hook.




Democrats keep democrating.


That made me laugh pretty hard.




I can’t even.

How are these people not looking around and asking themselves, “Are we the baddies?”


The freedom to die from treatable diseases because you’re too poor is every American’s God-given right!




Sometimes there’s an old tweet that can take on such schadenfreude-laden new meanings a few years later


One more for the schadenfreude archives



It is a good thing I am too far away to dope slap the hell out that guy…
I just can’t even… fuck… what the hell is wrong with people.



Also, you don’t want to take a trip to Oklahoma. Seriously. The Jesus redneck people who elected him are who live there. And the only interesting things there are the frequent tornadoes which you don’t want to see and the utterly insane and horrifying anti-abortion roadside signs that the Jesus rednecks who live there create.

(In fairness, there is this one kind of charming place that sells huge chunks of broken billet glass I liked visiting, and OKC has a couple nice spots, but still, just don’t go there unless forced).


At least one happy mutant here lives there, I believe…@davide405?


There are lovely people in every state (one of my trips to OK was for a friend’s wedding - he’s cool, though his ex-wife is not a nice person), and if you’re a local you learn how things work and where to go/avoid, but if you’re dropping by to slap a state lawmaker as an outsider it’ll be a dismal trip.


Yes, it’s true.

I am one of the 7 people in the state who did NOT vote for ⊥rump.

I’m exaggerating, of course. There were nearly half a million in the state who did not vote for ⊥rump. We had the Libertarian candidate on the ballot, who drew about 80K votes, and Hillary got about 420K votes,

But, they were swamped by nearly two to one, since the Orange one got about 950K votes. Not a single one of the 77 counties in the state went blue. You have to get down to individual precincts in the metro areas, before you’ll find any blue on the Oklahoma map.

Interestingly, Bernie Sanders won the democratic primary here, so even though there aren’t many Democrats in Oklahoma, those few are of a more progressive bent…

The Jesus rednecks in this state would have preferred Ted Cruz, who won the Republican primary here quite handily.

But once ⊥rump was the Republican candidate, the 7 electors for the state of Oklahoma were so thoroughly assured to him, he could have come here and grabbed.pu$$y with his tiny little hands all he wanted. They wouldn’t care.

As to the tornadoes… I’ve lived here nearly all of my life (since 1970) and I’ve never seen one :wink:


Okay, I might have been exaggerating about tornadoes. I’ve seen two in TX, and one touched down in my neighborhood, but I still think of OK as the tornado-ridden place since I saw a lot of dust devils on the drive through.

Hey, have you by any chance ever been to the place that sells giant chunks of glass by a roadside somewhere, um, in Oklahoma? It must have been stuff dumped from a foundry and it was really cool - they also had some nice fossils and minerals. I was slightly late getting to a wedding rehearsal since we were driving up from Austin, stopped to poke around and check out the cool giant pieces of glass and lost track of time… I think I took the 35 up most of the way there, but it was there 20 years ago in an era of paper maps and before smartphones, and think it was, um, probably near where you’d maybe transfer to a highway from the interstate to get to somewhere in OKC, or, well, it’s all total haze, really except that we were out in the sticks. I’ve been through OK a few times since, kept an eye out, and tried to look it up online to no avail.