Generic 2018 U.S. Election Cycle Recycling Bin


No, I know his history. But did you see him nodding emphatically the entire time, and mouthing words that made it seem like he completely agreed with her? That’s the part that I can’t figure out.


Seemed to me, especially with the clenched fist thing, that he was imitating his own mind’s version of Black Power Speak. Racist pasty shitstain that he is, he was responding to what she sounded and looked like, not to what she was saying.


The President of Mexico is now openly taunting the President of the US. This is not normal.




That’s sick at a whole new level.


Former president, and escalator of The War on Some Drugs. Sad commentary on the times we live in that Fox feels comfortable criticizing the SFV.


Unfuck him.

That ain’t gonna happen.



No points for guessing which party he’s running under.


If it does, immediately invest in companies that make flags.

because, all the new flags.


Spoiler: “…according to three people who were present, Bush gave a brief assessment of Trump’s inaugural after leaving the dais: ‘That was some weird shit.’ All three heard him say it.”


Kinda good to hear, but really, no surprise that he didn’t recognize it as nascent fascist shit.


I once had a discussion with some native Californians about how much work would be involved in separating CA into two different states, just at the bureaucratic level; long story short, my head hurt by the time we were done.

It’s not feasible even when one has the best of intentions for the populace of the state; let alone if someone is just trying to “break shit, because they think can.”


Didja see the recent confirmation of the story (denied by the administration, naturally) that Trump wanted a giant military parade for his inauguration?


Not that long ago there was a petition to split us into 6 states.


The director of the FBI needs to work on his OpSec.


Comey: "See? Privacy is dead, get over it."
Under his breath: “Goddammit.”


That is a pretty nice piece of detective work.