Gentleman fabricates car urination system so he can pee while driving


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Urine for a surprise driving behind him.


“Gentleman” indeed.



Might come in handy for Lyft.

Or just do this instead (minus the sand).


I would have used a bigger hose.


I have a hard time imagining human pee is the worst thing to hit those streets. I think I’d a lot rather run through a puddle of pee than, say, roadkill…


And for the ladies…

Or the option for standing while on the trail…

like 8 bucks each


Beer Fridge (not pictured)


also works for farts!!!


This is genius. However, having the discharge point a wee bit lower and adding a plastic deflector shield would prevent the urine from splattering on the car’s undercarriage and causing corrosion.


Does it have suction capability? Asking for a friend.


Not sure if serious, but I doubt a little bit of wee will have any demonstrable effect on the undercarriage. The amount of usual crap from the road that the undercarriage sees on a daily basis is far worse.


I ride a motorcycle, so I’m not exactly thrilled with this, though it is amusing.


I just realized it’s a shame he doesn’t drive a Diesel. He could refine his piss into DEF on site.


I remember reading (sorry, no reference at hand) that the state of Ohio estimates the number of bottles of urine thrown from cars along Ohio roads at one million per year. (Snapple bottles are notably used for this purpose.)



Pilots of small general aviation aircraft sometimes face this kind of problem, so there’s a whole load of readily available solutions out there already.

I’ve also heard that glider pilots in particular tend to use these devices a lot as it’s not as if they can just put down at a nearby airport if they’re doing a six-hour cross country flight.


No screw this. I don’t want someone else’s hot piss spray infiltrating my vents. Use a Gatorade bottle like everyone else (lemon-lime flavor)…


That… or ‘space diapers’ (allegedly worn by ex-astronaut Lisa Nowak in her failed attempt to kidnap a love rival).