Gentleman, possibly inebriated, confronts reflection in mirror


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One of the best things I’ve seen today. Thanks for the chuckle.


Don’t let him push you around like that!


That makes me a bit sad.


I’m missing the point, here. :thinking:


Now that’s Marxism!


Is that Roger Stone???


As Marxist mirror gags go I liked the Harpo/Lucy bit.



So did the drunk gentleman


Been there. Done that. The other fella was a right wanker.




I’m proud to announce that I’ve been that shit-faced.


My brother, still drunk in the morning at work, mistook a mirror for a door and knocked himself out.


Maybe he was once a parakeet


certain age related dementias can manifest as not recognizing your reflection as yourself but rather thinking it is another person. :frowning: i’ve known a few people who have had this, it isn’t funny IRL if that is what this is. on the other hand if he is just drunk then this is hilarious.

he alternates between being polite and being shovey, but his reflection isn’t having any of it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Now, now! No dissing on @Papasan!


Once, when seeing @Brainspore for the first time in many months after he returned from studying abroad, for the first time in my life I momentarily mistook him for a reflection in a mirror.


MIL had some symptoms of this as well as Facial Blindness when her Dementia progressively increased. Every time we would go to the Doctor and get in the elevator she would try and converse with “that older woman” who happened to be in the mirror.

If she did not get an expected response she just passed her off as “rude”.


Why? I’m curious because it makes me sad too but it’s probably because my grandfather died of Alzheimer’s after a decade of degrading. I remember when he was being taken to the home the man who used to complain that I wasn’t as quick witted as my mother (his daughter) was trying to pick up flowers from the floor tile pattern. The stress on his wife and the whole family was extreme. It wasn’t the worst thing in my family, mostly because the family as it was is a now defunct dysfunctional mess on the whole, but it’s probably between that and my dad being a psychotic (literally as in experiencing psychosis) drunk, any form of seeing an old man act that way = BAD in my mind now.


Mirror World?!