Giuliani to join Trump's legal team


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What? He implemented gobs of blatantly racist, anti-poor, anti-affordable housing measures during his term. Maybe he was less awful when compared to the radical right lurch both he and this nation have taken since he left office, but moderate?


What are Giuliani and Trump so afraid Mueller will find?

I mean, at this point my best guess is anyone jumping on the bandwagon doesn’t have the ability to distance themselves from what Mueller is going to find.

It’s not a stretch to imagine that Giuliani has some illicit dealings with Trump from before.


Send in the clowns!




To quote Bob Hope’s last line from My Favourite Brunette, “he’ll take any kind of a job.”


A Florida-based law firm

The whole thing stinks of fly-blown, ruptured carcass.









Fingers Crossed


This is me and my Dear Wife on the way out’a town Friday afternoon. It’s going to be a boozy weekend.



Speaking of things “legal” (and hoping Karen McDougal has a bodyguard or six on hand 24/7):



Not while driving, please. :slight_smile:

You would be missed.


For fuck’s sake how many rings does this circus have?


Giuliani: a Roy Cohn for our times.


How does one negotiate out of a criminal investigation? Does he mean plea bargain?