GQP Rep. Louis Gohmert asks US Forest Service if it can change the Moon's orbit to reverse global warming

And how did that work out for the Pierson’s Puppeteers?


This is prima facie evidence that an IQ test is needed before running for office. Sweet Jebus.

Like others, I really wish she’d shot down his inquiry outright because now every scientifically uneducated individual watching that interview will come away believing it’s a valid proposition and Gohmert’s a savvy genius for asking, having caught the forestry rep off guard with an option she had never considered and promises to look into. Not calling this crap out in the moment spreads it just as much as propaganda itself.


Am I the only one happy that he at least said the Earth orbits around the sun?


I think Gohmert believes that a substantial portion of his political efforts should be devoted towards “owning the libs”-- sort of like Boebert, but with actual job responsibilities.

If climate change is due solely to Milankovitch cycles, averting climate change involves changing the earth’s orbit-something obviously beyond the scope of the forest service On the other hand, adapting to inevitable climate change is within the forest service’s capabilities, so maybe he should listen instead of being stupid.

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At times when I’m feeling down on myself I like to look at Louie’s picture. It cheers me up because I realize things could be so very drastically worse. My friends in Peru use the word “baboso” to refer to a drooling idiot as in; Louie Gohmert is a “baboso”. Maybe we could consider a play on Gohmert as in Gohmertian, trump is a gohmertian.


Doesn’t look like it. In stills before it happened you can see the whole thing is a little out of alignment. In other videos you can see the whole damn thing fall out and him casually tucking it into his cheek as if his head isn’t falling apart on camera!!!

There’s no research to back it up yet, but tooth demineralization and loss are some of the reported long term symptoms of Covid.

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I’m surprised he didn’t suggest launching rockets full of sea water into the sun. We could quench those flares and mitigate the rising ocean levels. It would be a win-win and the whole world would bow to and worship the USA, which would be yet another win.


ya dig


A big quake in Chile, IIRC, caused a small change in our axis.


Chile Earthquake Altered Earth Axis, Shortened Day

Gross also estimates that the Chile earthquake shifted Earth’s figure axis by about three inches (eight centimeters). Deviating roughly 33 feet (10 meters) from the north-south axis around which Earth revolves, the figure axis is the imaginary line around which the world’s unevenly distributed mass is balanced. (Mar 3, 2010)

gomert is such a dumb fuck, it’s amazing he can dress himself and tie his own shoelaces. Maybe his wife does it for him.




Turn the planet into a space ship you say? Martians did it. It did not work out well for them.


Crappy quality meth will do that to teeth and gums.

At least they had real science to work with and a lot fewer abysmally stupid politicians.

He probably wears loafers with the counters crushed down so he can put them on unassisted.


I’m running the forest service? This sounds like an opportunity for a SIGNIFICANT budget increase.

Oh, we’ll shift that moon orbit, all right. But, it’s gonna cost you.

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Yes, it would be amusing to watch the reaction of the blatherer, especially if he expected no blowback.

Bonus points if they use Flash Cards.

Yep. Too bad the spokespeople don’t have that option & can be fired. Too bad there are idiots with power.

I, for one, am surprised.

I’m amazed he knows how to breathe.
Maybe someone should see if he fogs a mirror. Or has a reflection.
That would explain a lot.

Gohmert’s district is in Deep East Texas.
Lots of very small towns & places lucky to have a sign. A few small cities.
Heavily forested, except for the numerous small farms scattered about.

Like most places, if you don’t bring up Politics or Religion, you’ll get along fine.
Also, like most places, there’s always going to be some asshole who insists on making it an issue.
Don’t be that asshole.

Of course, I am a white dude. YMWV.


And what the hell do you think was the purpose of Stone Henge. Don’t you know nuffink?

Siriusly, isn’t this guy taking this Manifest Destiny stuff a teensy bit too far?
Is he not satisfied with his place in the Universe?

Hoorah, we have succeeded in altering our orbit. Unfortunately Halley’s Comet is now on track to collide with Capitol Hill and we’ll all go the way of the dinosaurs.

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Still, I feel compelled to give him a half point for not openly suggesting either was flat.


It’s the whole lowest white man idea. If he, a high earning politician, is able to be this naive, financially precarious white voters who worry about their status are put at ease. It’s either cultivated like in the case of Bush W. or it happens organically like in the case of Trump or this guy. Either way dumb white people rise to the top in politics for this reason, I think.


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