Here's the weirdest, scariest stuff Trump said at 77-minute 'I’m not ranting and raving' meltdown

  1. Yes. Also because with the picture, I added a question asking if anyone could explain why people were still supporting the POTUS. She thought I was trying to publicly insult her specifically. Which I have no reason to do. I did post a sincere apology, which she accepted.

  2. I used the wrong terminology; I didn’t copy-and-paste, I shared it to my public Timeline.

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and then fill in bogus contact info at the end if it makes you feel squeamish.

Goodmorning gentlemen. Someone set us up the VPN engines or all your IP address are belong to us.


I kept hoping this was just Andy Kaufman. Then I cam e to the same realization you did. He would have gotten bored of it by now.


Mix it with some zinc sulfide and get back to me, though.

(If anybody thinks I am being a worse nerd than usual, the reason I was thinking about uranium was that I’m helping a physics student - and we were working on a question about uranium decay last night. I promise I don’t spend my time on Wikipedia fact-checking.)


I think he/they figure that it worked out on the campaign trail, so it’ll work now. And from reports that I’ve read, it actually did. His core supporters ate yesterday’s press conference up with a spoon.


In the end, it’s no about what the press thinks. It’s about what his victims think.


Absolutely. Everyone knows that the comment section on any YouTube video is a hellmouth of trolling, so it’s not surprising that his fans on YouTube would get a huge kick out of the world’s most powerful troll yelling at people for an hour.

But while trolls and assholes love this stuff, most of America aren’t trolls or assholes, and I doubt will appreciate the sight of their President on a rant-fest or being repeatedly called out on his lies. Weird strategy.




Finally! Someone man enough to step away from the job at hand and whip the media into line.


What’s important is that the most important person is happy



The medium is the message; and the medium if word salad.


Okay, one for people with longer memories than me.

Have you ever seen or heard reporters heckling the President in the White House before? I can’t remember it ever happening - even during the shit show that was W or the late Reagan years when the scandals just kept coming.

The press aren’t afraid of him and he doesn’t know how to cope apart from bluster. It’s simultaneously hugely satisfying to watch him lose it, and utterly terrifying.


Being an uninformed European, I looked that guy up. And watched the full segment to get a better idea.

Am I mistaken that towards the end, he’s claiming the protesters against the immigration ban were paid to come to the airports? That’s the same person lashing about falsehoods?

Whenever I see stuff like this, I can’t help myself but to think the US are a really, really strange country. [rant] I mean, as a continental European I don’t really understand the Brits, but I can try to rationalise their behaviour by never having had a true revolution, no civil or even domestic war for a very long period of time (fucking Nazi bombings aside). We still have common cultural background in so many ways, including in the media (if you don’t count the Daily Mail and The Sun). But the US? Like a different planet. I’ve got some experience in Asia and Africa, but I always felt the US would be closer to our “European” views and ways. The special relationship, and so on. America freed us, and changed the European continent for the better. But its more than a year now since this all feels like a fucking TV show. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE STOP THE ADVERTISING, SO THE NETWORKs DROP IT? Fucking reality TV, I hated this already when it started over here in the 90s. I want my escapisms and utopias back! [/rant]


You set me off on a mental tangent that I think does relate back, but it’s a bit of a story to get there.

In one of my families growing up, the father was like this: very limited vocabulary. He had an excuse: his parents were immigrants living in a community with others from their original country, so he never even heard English until he showed up at school in first grade at age 6. But also, he had limited cognitive skills. Despite that fact he actually got an MBA from a very good school. How? He married a very intelligent wife, who had herself grown up in a household with a very intelligent mother married to a much-less-intelligent father. So she pushed him, did his applications, homework, papers, etc. for him, and in general made him appear more executive-material than he actually was.

When Bush Jr. was President, there was talk about how could he have ever gotten a Harvard MBA, considering how limited his cognitive skills were? He married a very intelligent wife. That was what you did in that generation, if you were a smart woman: you married a man you could train to do what you weren’t socially (and sometimes legally) allowed to do. It’s known that there was a separate ceremony for wives at the time, celebrating the fact that so many of them were the real reason their husbands got through.

Trump doesn’t marry “up”. He marries pretty doormats. He doesn’t even stay with any one wife very long. There’s no one at home with the moral and legal authority to push him 24/7. And so, we (the general public) get the full brunt of his limited life and professional skills without any filter.

Now, which came first, the chicken or the egg? Is his temperament so awful that he simply drives away any woman who could handle him and mold him into a more functional public persona? Or is he consciously choosing to “protect” his ego from being with someone who could stand up to him and thus help him become a better person?


“And other things” -what things? the Trump southwestern plate series!- “Like lots of things are done with uranium” -err… half of those plates are buried in the desert aren’t they, k don’t talk about the plates- “Including some bad things.”


Not sure they can. The cognitive dissonance would cave their heads in.


i know. i wish this waking up of the media had happened sooner, but here we are. better late than never, i guess?


If only the US were party to the Rome Statute. :confused:


Does throwing shoes count?