How Minnesota's governor performed an economic miracle by raising tax on the rich and increasing minimum wage


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One thing that helps is that Minnesota’s public employee pension system is not nearly as in the tank as some other states (see “California”, see “Illinois”).

So when Minnesotans pay more in taxes, they actually get more in services for it.


So what yer’ saying is Trickle Down Economics is nothing more than trickle piss in the face of working Americans?


The trickle-down folk tend to yammer incessantly about ‘job creators’, by which they generally mean corporations and business owners. In reality, a place these types avoid like the plague, jobs are created by the people who empty the store shelves. If nobody is buying your goods, you sure ain’t gonna be hiring anyone. Following their lead will drive us into becoming a banana republic, and we’re kinda headed that way as it is.


You might hope it is just piss.


GOP talking point for the next gubernatorial cycle: The labor-friendly governor was taking credit for the previous Republican administration’s success, and when we win the executive branch again and things go to shit it will be because of the previous governor’s failed attempt at socialism.


Roger That!


It’s amazing how many people don’t bother to do basic arithmetic before deciding that the lies they’ve been told must be true, because the people who told those lies have the same prejudices they do.


Confirmation Bias gets us through the day.


Yes. Daton is one of the few things I like about Minnesota.

I would vote for him to be president, but he’s not the type who would run or get elected.


I believe Archie Bunker called it “tinkle down economics.” And that’s how I always think of it.


It’s not really a miracle if it’s entirely predictable and replicable, is it?


More like a redistribution of health. Eat the rich!


Has anybody ever heard of John Maynard Keynes? Anybody? He had this thing called economics?


"They share our prejudices values, therefore we must also share an agenda!"
It is amazing how effectively “trickle-down” economics got sold to the American working class, even to the point where the message is being repeated in conservative churches.

Well, it should be predictable, anyways. How to convey that in a headline, though? “How Minnesota’s governor created a highly predictable and replicable beneficial economic situation by…” Hmm, a bit wordy. What’s the opposite of a miracle in this situation? “How Minnesota’s governor performed an economic mundanity by raising taxes…”? I don’t know if that quite works here, either. “You’ll totally predict what happened when Minnesota’s governor raised taxes on the rich and increased the minimum wage!” Closer, but perhaps not click-baity enough…


I, um, don’t need math. but replicable is something that I understand. Plus there’s “shake the tree whats got the fruit.”


“Bite down on that son-of-a-bitch.”


Dayton is great. His hard line on the Philandro Castille case was refreshing as well. It’s nice having a governor who isn’t afraid to call it like it is.


How Minnesota’s governor astonished everybody by …

Half the crowd can be amazed it worked, the other half can just be amazed he actually did it.


When I first heard Dayton was running for governor, I figured he was looking for another trophy to add to his born-on-third-base collection. I have to say I’m quite impressed that he’s been doing politics in Minnesota the way politics used to be done in Minnesota - for the benefit of all Minnesotans.

I do wish other states would stop shooting themselves in the economic foot by voting for and supporting regressive economic policies that shrink their paychecks and wreck their schools. [Eyeballs Michigan sideways]