How to cover stubborn stains on basement floors


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How wonderfully 1970s… also I like the purple.


Reminds me of a time when I owned two things: a rusty old car and a bunch of plastic daisies. The daisies went into the holes. No one noticed the rust.


You know who else painted daisies, @beschizza ?

Frickin’ Hitler.

(I’m so sorry; our stupid political landscape is tainting everything I see…)


How to cover stubborn stains on basement floors.

Reading the headline, I’m thinking ‘Yeah, shellac-based primer and then epoxy. Done.’ Then I click the link. Daisies. Well damn me, I got nothin’ on that. Carry on, you’re doing it right.


Will that work on bloodstains?

just asking for a friend, honest.


Or just paint the floor red.


I see the outline of a human body, but to be fair I’ve been drinking, again.


Dank carpet is kept in safes for this specific purpose.


Acid etch it. The stains help add texture.



Is it terrible my first thought was ‘jchrist who got murdered and how long will cops vac the boingboing servers to see who the accomplices are’?


Why didn’t I think of that?
I mean, why didn’t my friend think of that?


You guys are way ahead of me. My first thought was ‘throw a body over it.’


Blood dries into a kinda brownish color actually.


Obviously add more stains. If everything is stained then nothing is stained.


Awesome! In the early seventies my parents bought my sister and I a pair of patterned sleeping bags that had that same vibe. Hers had the daisies and mine had some groovy collage of horoscope signs. Good times!

My garage floor looks like this now after having spray painted several discs for a Calder mobile project. Best damn garage floor art ever! Sorry Jackson.


Daisies. I get it.


If a guy were to excavate a pit though his basement floor, to bury some doubloons and the bones of a safe technician, would some painted daisies hide the fresh concrete patch?

Asking for a friend.


Your blood stains have been the lighter kind then, I went with a blackened stain.