Howard the Duck


Where has THAT gif been all my life?


I’ll be in my bunk…errumm.


Well, you have to in any Howard the Duck conversation.


I guess it’s been a while…I don’t remember Howard having tits.


Hahaa… You are correct sir.
I guess I should get a copy. I have it on my TiVo to record list but it never comes up.


I quite enjoy this movie - while I know it’s deeply, DEEPLY flawed (at best), it’s still pretty fun and has a unique feel to it.



This was my favorite film as a kid. It really was. I loved every moment of it. I was 6 when I saw it.


Nothing with relatively rotund Naomi Watts as Jet Girl could possibly be the worst of anything.


And there’s stuff in it for daddies, too!


Me as well but considering that I saw it in a backwater town in Japan that didnt surprise me.


Original language cinema in Berlin (i.e. the only real cinema around this backwater), so I do expect some laughs at insider jokes but am mostly disappointed in this regard. Apparently no got the over-the-top hommages to 2001: A Space Odyssey in Ant-Man, either.


It’s great to see the wonderfully weird Chip Zdarsky is doing the new comic.


By that point, I think I had already mentally checked out of the movie, and was counting all the empty seats in the theater.


Howard the Duck is George Lucas’ greatest film. I simply cannot comprehend why this film is not universally beloved. Gods know, I’ve watched it AT LEAST 800 time–second only to Ghostbusters. Them Dark Overlords were THE SHIZZNIT, too! When I was rebuilding my studio, I almost called it The Nexus of Sominus, but “The Black Light Trap” won because I was listening to a lot of Shriekback at the time.


ANYthing by Thomas Dolby from the 1980s is frickin’ awesome. But this soundtrack and The Golden Age of Wireless are my two top albums by Dolby.


They were barely in the same decade…


As a devotee of awful movies, it is awful. Like truly terrible. If it had been directed by anyone else it would probably have edged out Battlefield Earth.

Here’s a quick guide of how to drink yourself to death while watching it:

  1. Take a shot every time Howard is a sex creep.
  2. Take a shot every time a duck pun is made.

That said, I would totally love a Zdarsky-written update because he really ‘gets’ Howard.


I meant to comment on that as well. Tank Girl = 1995. Howard The Duck = 1986. Close enough, I guess? :wink:


Talk about playing for keeps.


Trashed in 8 minutes, alcohol poisoning by 25.