Howard the Duck


I was born in 85 and had never heard of this movie. My husband, who is a fair bit older than me, offered to show it to me after this post sparked a discussion between us. I have one question, what the hell did I just watch?


Oh I almost forgot, back when I used to play scrabble in tournaments, I played against the woman who painted the ascent of duck painting (or something like that) visible for all of half a second… she had the IMDB take her name off that film.


Cinematic genius, that’s what.


If it ain’t funk, you don’t feel it.


I’ve been reading the new Howard comics reboot recently only ever having seen him pop up occasionally in She Hulks and certainly hope that they have more movie plans for him. I remembered that they’d done a film before and looked it up to see if I could lay my hands on a copy but the terrible things I heard about it during the search rather put me off. The comments section here today has renewed my interest.

Looking forward to this one too


Wither Dr. Bong?


Great, all this talk made me order the Blu-Ray. Gonna have me some good time with booze and the duck tomorrow…


If you say so


don’t say we didn’t warn you…


I actually still remember the movie quite vividly, even though I’ve last seen it something like 13 years ago.

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