Idiot driver ruins own car in a spectacular fashion

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I really enjoyed the cloud of dust at the end, straight out of Coyote vs Roadrunner.


That’ll buff right out.


Having resided in Scottsdale, I can with all certainty tell you that this is a daily event on the roads of Arizona, only out-done by Texas drivers that visit Scottsdale. Thank you for that wonderful funny ha ha.


i would be really torn between stopping to help and laughing hysterically as i drove by surveying the wreck. what an asshat.


Asshat is lucky that he didn’t kill himself or somebody else (easily could have wound up in the oncoming lane). Props to the other drivers that managed to avoid ploughing into asshat when he lost control.

Although vehicles such as this can technically be driven fast, a lot of people don’t understand that they don’t handle well at those speeds, especially higher-centered vehicles like SUVs.


I hate it when impatient drivers weave in an out of traffic like that, which makes it unsafe driving which is a ticketable offense


He was doing so well until he wasn’t. Oversteering is a bitch.

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“Hurry up hurry up, we gonna be late!”


“Well, you were right, we are definitely going to be late.”



I hope there wasn’t a woman in labor in the car. Whenever I see someone driving like this I like to pretend that they probably have a good reason for it and I hope that they get to where they are going safely. I know it is probably not true but it gives me a better outlook on my fellow man.


The best way to avoid road rage: whatever annoying driving behavior you see, just attribute it to the driver really, really needing to poop.

If this thread is to be believed, Arizona drivers just really need to poop a lot.


I try to do the same thing. An attempt at reverse-fundamental attribution error.

It’s honestly really hard sometimes, but it’s a good exercise. I’m trying to model it for my kids too, coming up with reasons for people apparently acting like jerks, and maybe they’ll find it easier starting young.


Mission accomplished!


I’ve been doing a pretty hellish commute by car between Manhattan and suburban CT for the past 8 months and I cannot tell you how many times I wish the asshat drivers I encounter would suffer a similar fate. And I would be like the yellow car, blithely driving by the wreckage and not stopping to see if they needed help, because their previous actions indicated they were beyond help, cared little for anyone else on the road, and well, fuck them.


I hope his/her insurance company will refuse to pay for the damages.

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I am in favor of the “they’re doing the best they can in their circumstances” approach to others.

But I’d like to note that reckless driving doesn’t do anyone any good, even in emergency situations.

Efficient and calm generally beats fast. And fast isn’t necessarily reckless. But what we see in that video is surely reckless.


Unfortunately, I can’t make that leap. My aunt and her boyfriend were t-boned by an idiot driving like this. In Arizona. Her boyfriend was killed instantly. Her neck was severed. She spent 10 years in a wheel chair driven by her teeth, with oxygen tubes stuck up her nose in order to breath, before finally succumbing to pneumonia, all things considered a merciful death. Prior to the accident, she ran a horse ranch and boarding stable, and used to take me riding with her regularly to exercise the horses. She sold the ranch to cover her medical bills. She isn’t my only relative who’s had a life destroying experience with a reckless driver.

Every time I see some asshole driving like this, my thoughts are similar to @Senorwences . This kind of driving has consequences, and there is no mercy in my heart for these kinds of drivers.

This comment isn’t directed at you, or @zoidberg specifically, but my attempt to process my blinding rage at giving the “benefit of the doubt” to someone who is so carelessly endangering the lives of everyone around them.


I would stop. You never know whether they might have passengers, including kids and pets. I would also hope they are alive and conscious so I could cherish the look on their face.


Spicy food.

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