If they remade the Six Million Dollar Man


Mark Wahlberg is a detestable waste of air. If he got seriously injured in a crash society would just be better off letting him die.

“cast as Lee Majors”

So its a biopic? He’d play Lee Majors, playing Steeve Austin?


We have the technology…

Why does the fembot look like a dude?

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They can’t rebuild his acting, sorry. He’s like the same character in every role.


Cal -Is that the Six Million Dollar Man’s boss?
Andy - It’s Oscar Goldman.
Cal - Why do you have that?

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Wow. Seriously you’d like to make family and friends suffer just because you can’t exercise your choice of not going to a movie? Chill out dude.


The first temptation would be to adjust for inflation. But if you consider that technology has also decreased in price, I would say the Six Million Dollar Man would cost about the same today if you were able to outsource an entire army of them from a Chinese factory. It’s just a matter of economy of scale. :slight_smile:

Surely the remake would not be complete without a ghastly War Of Pundits over how much rebuilding him would cost under Obamacare…


What about… an in-depth multi-part documentary about the available technologies to achieve this, their current state, proliferation possibilities (aka doing that cheaper), development outlooks?


So, we can have 10 superhuman cyborgs for every F35? I think the movie producers at the time really didn’t know what 6 million dollars was then, either. Hell, the series probably cost 6 million dollars to make.


In unrelated news - Hollywood box office returns continue to head straight into the toilet. Industry insiders blame pirating and filesharing sites.

Jesus, it’s not even funny anymore.


The bongos! Those seventies bongos! I loved this show so much!


Whoever gets the part, I hope we can look through the back of his head and see a cross superimposed on everything.


If you detest Mark Walberg so much, that you actively avoid seeing his films, it means that you can’t enjoy The Departed, as well as a variety of lesser, but still decent films. His forced retirement from movie making would “solve” this problem.

Mark Wahlberg gave a fine, nuanced performance in The Departed.

This is what tipped me from “that one guy in Boogie Nights” to “Wahlberg is a real actor.”


Hey, I liked Boogie Nights. I suppose it’s fashionable these days to qualify that statement, as in “I liked Boogie Nights because of Phillip Seymour Hoffman”.


When building a bionic man, don’t blow your budget on casting.
— Oscar Goldman, “What I’ve Learned”

No need to qualify, that movie is awesome.

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