IHOP isn't really changing it's name to IHOb, but here's what the "b" stands for


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So, in other words, a nothingburger?


So it was not, Intentional Helpings of Botulism



Once you go IHOB, you never go back.


If there’s one thing the world needs - it’s another burger joint.


IHOP: "Burgers Served Like We Serve Pancakes"


I hope there’s some crayons and chocolate chips somewhere in that.


Well, if people can have success with chicken-and-waffle restaurants, why not pancakes-and-burgers? Hopefully they’ll have a burger served with pancakes as buns, drizzled in butter and syrup.


And the maple syrup flavored ketchup / catsup too.


I just don’t understand why anyone would order a burger when they could have chocolate pancakes.

I don’t understand people, I guess.


Basically a McGriddle with a burger?

I’m in.




International House of BEERS would get me in, but I can get a burger almost anywhere and their pancakes aren’t that good.


What is the return on just tweaking a logo or name I wonder? They did this already from the long form to the acronym. Surely they could go back from the acronym to the long form and possibly get the same results. And then back again.

Lazy marketing for a known return?


IHOP, IHOb… who cares. They’re bot horrible acronyms and the logo looks accordingly.


I wonder if I could get a double baconator between two or more flapjacks?

Look around you! Tell me what you see? (Majestic sweep of my hand) That’s right: hipsters! Hipsters as far as the eye can see! And the word on everybody’s lips is… IHOb! What does exposure like that cost?


Ooh, burn:


Be best IHOb, be best.


Not a bad ROI for a lower case b.