In crazy tweet, Trump blames Bob Woodward for 190,000 coronavirus deaths (and counting)

Pssst, it’s Keyser Söze. :wink:

F*** that. Trump is a gazillion times more culpable than Woodward. Let’s stop trying to make this about Woodward. This is 100% about Trump. There is no equivalent culpability. None.

You are doing exactly what’s Trump wants. You’re following his narrative instead of attacking him for his culpability.


Oh, don’t misunderstand. I’m not trying to equate them in any way apart from them both being jerks for not being honest and up-front. I 100% agree that Trump owns the responsibility for this and it is his freaking job to be handling this, but I still think it sucks that Woodward sat on it.

I hear what you’re saying, but any response that is other than just about Trump’s culpability is a win for Trump. So let’s not even talk about anyone else except Trump, and his sociopathic disregard for human lives and and how his malevolent narcissism has killed tens of thousands of people.

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I want to be angry at Woodward for this. I was angry at Woodward for sitting on it. But I think Beau has it right here. If Woodward had released the tapes earlier, it would have been “spun” by the Occupant and his sycophants. Hell, it’s being spun right now. With 192,000 dead and counting.

The only reason it’s having the impact it has is because of the body count. It just wouldn’t have registered with 5,000 or even 50,000 dead.


I think I know who’s to blame.


Thanks for sharing this. The argument here makes a lot of sense and makes a lot of good points about why it wouldn’t have helped to release the info then, so honestly: point taken.

I have the problem of thinking / hoping that people would behave differently with real information, and with the demonstration then, now, or in the future, that they were being actively and intentionally lied to and to act accordingly. The last, well, many many years should have demonstrated to me time and time again that a certain segment of the population doesn’t let things like “facts” or being lied to alter their allegiances and blind fealty to the letter “R” after a representative’s name.

I just keep expecting people to wake the f up, and people keep unerringly let me down. :frowning:


Quibble: I see nothing in Article II requiring a President to protect Americans except militarily. What did I miss?

Minden is the nearest city east of me, a bit over an hour away. I strenuously avoided that scene.

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If Hubbard was alive Trump would already have appointed him as his counselor, if not vice president. The cult of personality that people like Trump create to maintain their followers hooked, is just one step away from the creation of a new religion. On the other hand, his fans are already acting as cult followers.


Everyone in this country - everyone in the world - needs to watch “Unfit”, the documentary about Trump’s mental disintegration. It should be required to be shown in every school, every city council meeting, every PTA meeting, every it can be shown.

One other poster likened Trump’s silence as like taking a kid to a whorehouse and then refusing to tell him to use condoms. I think it’s more like he knew a crowded theater was on fire, and not only did he not give a warning, he publicly ridiculed the idea of buying fire extinguishers and started a Twitter campaign to smear and disgrace the local fire department.

What is really scary about Trump is that he acts just EXACTLY like the selfish spoiled brat child he really is inside. And one of the marks of such a creature is, he’s so selfish he would rather break his toys than see someone else play with them. Trump actually believes that he owns this country because he won an election. He thinks of this country as his, and if he stays true to the form he’s shown his entire adult life, when he gets to the point where he finally has to admit to himself that he can’t win re-election, he’ll decide to destroy this country rather than let Biden have it.


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