Incredible video of Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot doing parkour


And I have no doubt that, until the USA returns to sanity, they’ll use them here at home to kill people of all shades (but still mostly brown people).


FTFY. :cry:



I would be more impressed with a Boston Dynamics Yoga robot, you know, for us old farts with the bad sacroiliac.




Agreed. Same with all such demos. If the robot is just repeating a fixed sequence that only works for this exact setup, it’s still impressive, but limited.

In the quoted part they say “Atlas uses computer vision to locate itself with respect to visible markers on the approach to hit the terrain accurately.” There are some tape stripes before the first log, but nothing obvious in front of the 3-step platform. They might be using the tape, since the log could be difficult to asses. But it sure looks like it’s able to find the edges of the platform directly.

It would be very impressive to see Atlas come back around while the platform is re-arranged (perhaps reverse the order of the first two steps), and then manage it again.

Just like with the backflip videos, impressive, but I really would like to know how much the robot has to figure out on it’s own. I wonder if they respond to questions…


Nice going Boston Dynamics… you know what happens next…


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