Ivanka Trump to provide excuse to boycott CES

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So the philosophy is to have Betsy DeVos quickly ruin public education and load all of the education/training onto employers. Other nations have educated workforces so it’s easier to move production to those countries. Hmmm…


I understand the outrage directed at her and the organizers of CES for the numerous affronts to human decency she has enabled and participated in, but what I can’t understand is why her? She seems like one of the least qualified people to speak on workforce development, public education or any form of digital communication. Isn’t there a pearl broker’s summit she could speak at?


finally power down that annual orgy of future high-tech landfill poisons


To curry favor with the President of the United States. It’s not a complicated dance when you’re dealing with a family as venal and uncomplicated as the Trumps.

  1. Invite Trump family member to speak at event
  2. People tweet/blog their outrage
  3. Controversy generates interest, free advertising, retweets, ticket sales
  4. Repeat as needed to generate revenue

I would love it if someone asks her “While I understand that automating jobs is great for maximizing shareholder value, what is the benefit to the now unemployed worker who was replaced with a robot? It sure seems like the opposite of ‘job creation’ in my book.”

Maybe a different topic than the keynote discussion was aiming for, but still. . . squirm.


So the company provides jobs, vocational training for those jobs, and basic education for that training. All they need is housing, a general store, and company scrip and they’ve got a bona-fide company town.

Back to the good ol’ days, eh?


She happens to be highly qualified. She even has her own keys!
Also, she’s a whiz with electronics. Remember that time the Secret Service trained her to use the portable defibrillator on Daddy?
OK, she didn’t complete the training, but they decided she could just bounce up and down on his lap until he waks up again.



Is there really anyone who has booked their travel and accomodations for CES and is going to cancel now, at the last minute, because of this?

I’m going for work, and while I don’t like this development one bit, I’m just going to … not see her. Like the 95% of CES I don’t have time to see every year.


get with it…same answer as always. With the rich having more money to spend they’ll expand their production, invest in research, and hire more workers. What you think they’d just pile in offshore bank accounts. Pffff.


LOL -or what might come in the future:


I’m sure there was a very good reason that had nothing to do with her being the president’s daughter. After all, Donnie Jr. said it was an outrageous impossibility beyond imagining to suggest that any of them might get jobs for that reason.

Perhaps it had something to do with the job (re-)training program she’s been advocating for? You know, the one that created 4 6 14 million jobs? (Even though it actually hasn’t even started yet and won’t even necessarily involve job creation.)


CES is expensive, but sitting quietly at a dive bar in the tenderloin to siphon up actionable stock info costs two to five dollars per hour

dumb businessmen need to learn that yes, i can trade on information you’re screaming across the room at sutter gutter


Actually, she might be a good representative of the future of work. The way the rich are getting richer, and the middle class are getting poorer, and the way her father and his cronies are doing their best to eliminate any elements of meritocracy in favor of unrestrained sycophantism, the future of work may be to know someone in power who can appoint you to a job you have no qualifications for. I think she’s an expert at that.


Lol you imply that meritocracy worked in the first place.

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That was not my intention. I was carefully trying to avoid using absolute language, by making the relative statement that it is getting worse. I was not suggesting it was perfect to begin with.

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Stupid Barbie probably thought she was being asked to be a booth babe and accepted the invitation…


Apparently little miss thing’s agent couldn’t land her a gig at the International Grifters Congress.