Japan has a Nicolas Cage snack food called 'Nicolastick'


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“How’s it taste?”

“Kinda hammy.”


Fun tip - cut it a the top of his head and pretend you are sucking out his brains…


I’ll be disappointed if I can’t get these at my local anime convention next year.


The “flavor” seems to be their generic corn base. Disappointing, it should’ve been honey. Because you know… Bees.


Apparently the snacks are for a movie called Bin Laden Is My Target, and the only way to score one is to buy a movie ticket in Japan. They don’t seem to be up for general sale.


Slightly off topic, but has anyone seen this movie? It actually looks pretty good.

Last October we were in Vegas with friends for the Phish Halloween run and went to this Thai place somewhere in an old strip mall. Food was amazing. Anyway, when we sit down my wife says “don’t turn around, but Nicolas Cage is sitting behind you”. Which he was. When he left, I got a good look at his get up. Huge Elvis sunglasses (from the fat Elvis years) black leather pants and this giant suede and sheep skin jacket. The latter two things seemed like they’d be mighty uncomfortable in Vegas.
Above the table in his booth was a photo of him with the owner.




Yeah Cage has a long time home in Vegas, a friend of mine works for a landscaping company as a project manager now but years and years ago he got a call if he and his crew could go to some dude’s home and help with a burst pipe inside the home. It was Nicolas Cage’s home, he didn’t interact with him much but said he was very nice… his bodyguard or security guy was a huge asshole though.


He’s also a HUGE Superman nerd. LIke named his kid Kal-El. And owns a really nice copy of Action #1.


I sort of wish that Tim Burton movie with him as Superman had happened. It would have been… something.


I hate Vegas, I can’t imagine living there. It’s OK if you have to go for a conference and you can expense everything or to go for something very specific - like we did at the MGM for the shows - but I still feel like I have to wash it off of me.
I also don’t gamble, so there’s that.


I love the city and lived there for 5-6 years, and i’ve lived in the state for maybe 10 years. I don’t gamble or party but i enjoyed my time there. There are some issues i do have with the city, it’s strange, people can be flaky, there’s always construction going on, there’s drugs, bad traffic, job market is way too competitive, etc. but it takes a certain kind of person to want to live there and i miss it some days.


I’ve learned to appreciate the desert more as for the last couple years, I’ve had go to PHX a lot for work. And my in-laws moved there well before that.
But Vegas just seems weird to me, always has. Someone has to live there, though. :slight_smile:


Yeah a big part of why i liked living there was the desert. My hometown was similar so moving the Vegas was like coming home in some aspects. I also enjoyed having the ability to go do all sorts of things at the drop of a hat, so having those options around town is cool.

Vegas did wear on me over the years though, glad i don’t live there now but if i had the means i would not mind having a place there to vacation to.


Whose picture is that in the package?


Umaibo literally means “yummy stick.” There’s an old anime with a gay character who gets lots and lots of mileage out of that.


If I remember correctly one of the very best Thai places in the country is in a strip mall near Las Vegas.
I don’t remember what it’s called.


It’s a continual sales pitch. It has it’s hand in your pocket the whole time you are there, and what it returns is less than smoke.