Japanese live streamer accidentally starts his apartment on fire


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I’d say “Chastised” is a better middle name than “Chaste”.


I was going to say this looks like a “what not to do in case of fire” video. Every step in the progression led to him literally adding more fuel to the fire. He kept bringing out that big metal bowl with the teeny amount of water then disappearing for several seconds. I kept thinking. couldn’t you drop the big bowl over the fire and smother it?


I gotta think that this fellow hasn’t been around campfires much. The stupidity seems almost blatant. Hoax?

Nah. Stupid explains it fine.


i was impressed with how calm he remained. i’d be flipping out. i was wondering why he didn’t soak down that comforter and use that to smother the fire. guess it’s hard to think clearly when you’re busy panicking.


People panic and do the wrong things all the time. But putting a pile of fire behind you and ignoring it is something else entirely. He’s a walking Darwin award.


It really does help to know where the fire extinguishers are. We had somebody light the front of my house on fire at about 3:00am right where the hose was so you couldn’t easily just spray things down.

Those moments where it really pays to remember where the hell the extinguishers are.


The powder ones are cheap and mostly sufficient. The CO2 ones tend to be better but are annoyingly expensive. Foam ones with alcohol-resistant foam are good for gasoline-involving fires (spill in a garage). Depends on what class of fire you are protecting against.

Then there are the passive ways like intumescent paints.


The second floor of his Mom’s two story house is gutted. He, his Mom, and another elderly relative were ‘injured’ (though how badly isn’t given, could just be smoke inhalation).

[ There were some reports that it spread to two other apartments and that a lady died (and some spectacular pics), but that was another fire. ]

And he’s probably disowned now.


it absolutely is. He pops up all over the place, the wonderful, wonderful man


Exactly - this is a How NOT to Play with Fire (in wood house, in wood neighborhood, with paper, fanning flames…)! I’m sad for him, truly.


Oh no. Thank you for the update. I’m sure that he heard/is hearing “Baka” and “BAKATARE” and “Bakatare-nei” very loudly from his Okaasan. I’m so sad for him and his family. Poor guy! This is beyond hazukashii (embarassing) for him. Thank goodness no one was more seriously injured.




This is the better gif of it:

(edit except it’s not a gif, but a webm, thanks imgur)


Wasn’t he supposed to wait until Wednesday?


Hypothesis: practice run.


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