Jared and Ivanka won't attend Trump's campaign launch, and Murdoch won't back him

They sometimes do in primaries, though. Especially with the current Dem strategy of amplifying the fringiest candidates in the GQP primaries. I still think it’s dangerous, but I guess we’ll see how this round goes. It’s going to be ugly for sure. But if Trump wins the primary I think Fox will fall in line. Just like they did last time.

I think it’s an overstatement to say that he doesn’t have a platform just because he’s not on Twitter anymore (at least I think that’s what you’re saying). And it’s going to be a long, long election season. Musk might let him back on Twitter, or Twitter might implode. Trump’s grating, peevish, incoherent voice will be heard. Count on it. Makes me feel a little sick writing that.


i don’t think conservatives - or at least the gop - are interested in details. details are hard, that’s where nuance, empathy, and trying to reconcile different perspectives come in. everything that’s called “left in fighting”.

more over, while i think it must be possible for there to be conservatives that aren’t white supremacists - that difference doesn’t exist here in america.

supremacists will absolutely go for each other’s throats - including actual violence - when they have power ( look no further than the looming house elections ) - but when they are out of power, they all are happy to blame minority groups: poc, women, lgbtq, immigrants, people with disabilities, you name it. ( eta: that’s essentially their entire stated platform right now )

honestly, they want the most change: just look at the supreme court, huge tax cuts for the wealthy, the removal of regulation, etc. it’s the left, and especially democrats who are far too often willing to settle for slow incremental change.


As much as I love and want to see that orange poo stain suffer and squirm, I’ll only be satisfied once he and all his fascist terrorist cronies are locked up for life in some cold remote prison where they can fight each other over scraps.



It turns out the Fox opposition might have been overstated…

…Either that, or they’re going to be subtly undermining Trump in the hopes that he won’t win the primary.

But the Trumpian candidates - in particular the ones the Dems amplified - haven’t been winning in any race that’s even vaguely competitive, and the Republicans know it. So it looks like a lot of simultaneous ass-kissing and back-stabbing from Republicans for the foreseeable future.


The GOP leadership knows that most of the party is still in Trump’s camp. They most likely want the other asshole from Florida to run, but they just can’t say it. This could be fun watching Fox and other conservative media try to walk this crazy fine line, keeping their insane base AND figurehead happy while wishing for someone else.


Fuck’s sake. I’ve been foolishly hoping that the demented, impeached orange turd would shut the fuck up. Now I/we have to actively avoid seeing and hearing him again? Godammit. I know I’m privileged to be able to take this stance as I’m Australian. Apologies to all you Americans: try to somehow stay sane and defeat this turd.


Scream if you want to go faster Fascier!


I’ll eat my hat if I don’t hear about her even one more time before Nov 5, 2024.


Part of my brain says ‘maybe today’ every time I wake up & check the news.


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