Kasich quits Republican race


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Well, it turns out Nate Silver was wrong.


I can’t say I’m any more hopeful for however many more millennia this election’s still going to take, though.


Such a flattering picture.


“Total loser” – Donald Trump

So. . . I assume these guys are still on the ballot in the states with upcoming primaries. Are the people who don’t like Trump just going to stay home, or show up to make write-in votes for Ryan or Gingrich or Daffy Duck, just as a protest against the Exalted Orange One?

Trump thinks he can lead, but anyone who plays Hearts knows, you can’t lead with trump.


No shock here. The president will be the candidate who looks like he’d/she’d be the most fun at a cocktail party. If I ever were silly enough to run (cannot, but hypothetically speaking) Snoop Dog would be my running mate and my headquarters would be dubbed The Ultimate Party Paradise…


Yeah, but even though Mythbusters ended, Adam and Jamie didn’t run.

(Gosh, that idea sounds a lot less silly than it did a year ago.)


There’s a perfectly reasonable explanation there.


My favorite comment I’ve seen so far (in various forms) is that “Kasich/Cruz should have been forced to continue their nonviable candidacy to term.”


Adam & Jamie sounds a hell of a lot more sensible than it did a year ago, because it’d be a hell of a lot more sensible than Drumpf.

Not sure what their politics are, but I bet I’d prefer em to Clinton, too.


They’d still blow up the country, but at least that way we’d learn something in the process.


As long as Jamie loses that dumb-ass beret, I’d probably vote for them too…


People could vote for him, and any delegates that represent would instantly be unaffiliated and up for grabs. “up for grabs” in a one man race would most logically mean “yeah, going to Trump” but in a perfect world it ends with Peter Dinklage frothing at the mouth and demanding a trial by combat.


I fail to see how the beret makes him worse than anyone but Bernie.

Come to think of it, a beret would improve all the remaining candidates.


Worth reading:


Bad fashion is still bad fashion.


I forgive him the beret, because I am enamored of his mustache.


That, he can keep; just pick a different (less ridiculous) style of hat, for the love of Pete!


I will do penance for throwing the thread off-topic.


Your penance shall be to wear a beret until the election. :grin:


Ahem, back on topic: