Jezebel apologizes for hiring Cannibal Witch as writer-at-large


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Koch-funded "academic freedom" grifters run into trouble at Wellesley
Now there are subscription boxes for witches

propensity for eating children

That’s what the crockpot was invented for.


‘Aaahh, yer mother rides a vacuum cleaner!’





One should have been more than enough!


Personally, I love children … with garlic and a little lemon on the side.

(Note to NSA, this is a joke and opinion of the writer and doesn’t represent the views of anyone at BoingBoing.)


wait, what??


From this article:

From the article about the firing of Kevin Willamson:

…please tell me this is parody.

If not… where does one get children for eating, anyway?


I missed the meaning of that article. Then I saw the BoingBoing headline and for some reason it clicked that this was related to the Atlantic’s hiring of (*Slate) Kevin Williamson (*Wikipedia) (*Jezebel) and his previous statements and actions (*Mediamatters) .


That’s really well done.

I’d like to turn the question around, though, and have that asshat at the Atlantic show us the example of elegant, well-reasoned writing that made him want to hire the fascist trash in the first place.


Well Jezebel, you know that obligatory quote from Maya Angelou.


The SJWs have finally gone too far!

There’s a long tradition of child cannibalism in my family (I was, myself, eaten all up as a toddler), and I can attest that there is nothing wrong with it. Eating children promotes healthy family values, boosts the economy, and strikes a blow for the good 'ol American way!

My dander’s up now by golly! Those snowflakes will have to pry the children’s femurs from my cold, dead hands.


At least in her case the name says it all. Kevin Williams not-so-much.


Kevin Hangemhigh?


Children: the veal of humans.

Of course, you shouldn’t eat your own kind, because of Mad [your species] Disease.


‘Top shelf’ trolling on the part Jezebel’s staff.



Of course, you shouldn’t eat your own kind, because of Mad [your species] Disease.

We’re safe if we avoid the brains, I think.


The Jezebel announcement was a clever satirical riff on the Atlantic’s recent hiring (and subsequent firing) of Kevin Williams, who had previously stated on more than one occasion that women should be executed for having abortions.