John Waters introduces DEVO at Burger Boogaloo: "Trump is a feckless prick"


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Church cages Jesus, Mary, and Joseph to protest Trump's ICE immigrant abuse

It’s really time for a BoingBoing stylebook rule to identify John Waters as a “national treasure” in any article that mentions him.

DEVO is amazing as ever, too.


Burger Boogaloo, John Waters, DEVO—all awesome!

Likening anything to Jonestown in a positive way, especially while in Oakland, … not so much.


Fuck yeah, John Waters.



One unfortunate thing about the speech is that he claims no drag queen will ever imitate Melania. But one already has. In the most recent season of the most popular drag queen show we have.



Nobody’s right all the time, and while a bonafide phenom, RPDR is not the entirety of the drag world.

Further, I think he meant she will never be an icon to the Children like Diana, Cher, Madonna and even Beyonce are.


Our Lord and Savior John Waters


I just felt that it formed a tiny hole in what was a rather well-done diatribe that was pretty relenting in its jabs. I quite like John Waters and am somewhat surprised that he missed this, considering how he’s very much about popular culture and skewering it. Aquaria actually did a very good job of NOT giving Melania any kind of respect in the portrayal, while not being outright rude or insulting. It felt very tongue-in-cheek. Which is befitting her title, I suppose.

Also, I didn’t claim that RPDR was the entirety of the drag world. It’s just the most popular part of it at the moment, as far as the population in general is concerned.

Finally, never say never. It doesn’t seem like we would ever give Melania any credit at all, and I suspect that we’ll never be given reason to. But in the time that I’ve been on this earth since coming into my own as one of the young, fledgling Children myself, there’s been many an outcast that struggled their way back into our hearts with their stories and their perseverance. Tammy Faye comes to mind, as a matter of fact. Not as beloved as Cher or Madonna, certainly, but she definitely did claw her way back into our good graces, to a degree.


Unrelenting, you mean?

Nothing and no one is perfect.

I’d also argue that Tammy Faye has been ‘accepted’ back into “our” good graces; some will fuck with her, and some simply don’t and won’t.


Yup. Unrelenting is what I meant. Typing quickly at work.

Nobody ever implied John was perfect. It was a surprising mistake from someone I didn’t expect would make it, considering he was a special guest on the show and claimed to watch every episode. The world won’t end. But the people he’s targeting will watch for mistakes such as this. That is all. That’s what unfortunate means in my original comment.

I suspect that if Melania sometime down the road divorces the orange cheeto and does a tell-all and talks about how she felt like she was a prisoner and feared for her life and omg how great is it that she’s free and now she wants to start a charity for the oppressed and blah blah blah that some people somewhere might throw her a bone. I won’t be in line, but you just know that someone somewhere will.

EDIT: that jacket Melania wore pretty much made me believe that she’s as bad as Trump himself. Unless someone was holding a gun to her head at THAT moment, the thing could have been slung over her arm or something. She knew exactly what she was doing. Period.


No argument there.


Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! was the first record I bought with my own money (the first record I owned was Kiss- Destroyer, but let’s not talk about that).

Devo was a huge part of the soundtrack to my adolescence. I loved them then, I still love them now. Wish I could have been at this show.


I love DEVO! That ain’t the weed & booze talking neither!


I’m sure it doesn’t hurt either


Roger That!




It’s tempting to call him a “prickless fuck” but that would be kind of demeaning to people who don’t have pricks.


Extra points for quoting Comden and Green.




John Waters and Devo are heroes.