Jon Stewart's epic Twitter-war with Donald Trump


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But how else can you get the measure of a clown, than with a clownstick?


A clowncar? Oh wait, that’s volume…and also a potential presidential cabinet.


By that metric, Trump is going to require a limousine shortbus commercial bus all for himself.


If I were going to choose enemies with whom I wanted to do verbal battle I would carefully avoid Jon Stewart. This perhaps suggests yet another measure that Von Clownstick doesn’t do very well.


I’m reminded of those little yappy dogs that try to pick fights with Rottweilers. All the self-confidence in the world isn’t going to help if that guy decides to bite back.


Greyhound is bad enough. Orangehound sounds like a nightmare. Trapped on a bus with Donald. Oh. lord save me.



Yeah, I would have loved to see that “debate” - Stewart would have mopped with floor with that deformed Cheeto. Of course, the offer of a debate wasn’t serious - it was made knowing that Stewart wouldn’t waste his time on that, but if he had, you better believe Trump would have dropped the challenge faster than his promises to donate to charities.


Or box Joe Biden.


For what it’s worth, the Twitter war was three years ago. This retelling of the story was last week.


I don’t think he actively “chooses” very much, he just glomps compulsively and angrily onto them like a drunk toddler.


For years his followers have been telling us that Nigel Farage in the UK would easily win a debate with his opponents. This morning on the BBC he got wiped by Gina Miller, who took to the High Court the case that the Parliament must vote on leaving the EU. None of these people can stand up to a genuinely intelligent opponent unless they are allowed to shout insults, fling poo and talk over the moderator.


God I miss Stewart. Going through the surreal demented funhouse on bad LSD that has been this election cycle without him has been like losing your favorite winter jacket the day before being caught in an epic blizzard.


I did not know that Stewart was Jewish. What is wrong with Leibowitz?


It’s his estranged father’s name.

I can only assume you’re not familiar with Stewart, because he hardly hides his Jewishness. It’s very clearly part of his identity.


I for one salute our next president, F***face Von Clownstick.


This is probably the Daily Show clip (from May, 2013) where he called Trump “Fuckface von Clownstick” on the air. The clip’s about Ted Cruz, and the Trump joke is at the very, very end of the clip.


Thanks for joining to tell us that John Stewart is Jewish, I guess?


Those seem like awfully big shoes for him to fill! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: