Jon Stewart's epic Twitter-war with Donald Trump

John Stewart is a comedian and was the genius behind the daily show. If you didn’t know he was jewish you must never have seen him or know his work, he jokes about it ALL THE TIME. More then Trevor Noah makes africa jokes. Any good comedian draws from what they know frequently.


Oh, they knew very well.

They’re Just Asking Questions about his ethnicity.


Actually, it’s about ethics in comedy journalism.


Absolutely spot on. I had to watch that after i read your comment - it’s on the andrew marr show for those who have access, there’s also a clip here. Yet again he is stoking the fire of hatred and violence for those who disagree with him and his like, admittedly nowhere near the same level as the orange turd but they are cut from the same cloth without a doubt. The day after the result of the EU referendum where he boasted that “not a shot was fired” made me sick to my stomach when a week previously jo cox had been assassinated for her political views. Isn’t it ironic that the brexit lot wanted sovereignty yet when a british independent judiciary makes a decision they don’t like they are “enemies of the people”, as labeled by the daily heil.


Um… do you realize how many actors use stage names? Many of them. There might be any number of reasons to do so.


Oh I saw a bootleg of his appearance this week, retelling the story.


I saw a reference to Miller leaving Farage speechless and now I really want to see that conversation. The thing about debate opponents of Trump (and to a lesser degree, I suspect, Farage) is that they’re held to a completely different standard (and the constraints of the debate formats don’t help). So Trump is free to make up whatever completely egregious, outrageous bullshit he wants, knowing that no one can call him on it. Stewart, however, would be totally free to call him on it in his takedown, and he’d do it with relish.

I’ve been watching his last episodes lately, and it’s weird and unsettling to see, given everything that happened subsequently, his glee at Trump advancing as the Republican nominee. (It’s very much how the entire media was feeling, to some degree, I imagine.) It would have been interesting to see his glee turn to horror.


The jon stewart vs bill o’reilly debate is comparable but only in drumpf’s wildest fever dreams is he as good a debater as o’reilly and stewart still mopped the floor with him and wrung him out.


Wasn’t Jon Stewart in Yentl?

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…and a possible vehicle with or without anomaly

on top of that is… how do you park a vehicle in the oval office

It’s amusing to note that in the waning days of the campaign, Trump’s handlers are reported to have forcibly taken away his Twitter feed, to keep him from spewing any more unfiltered insanity.


Well, except for the stuff that keeps coming out of his mouth :rolling_eyes:


I remember him mentioning this on The Daily Show when someone confronted him about his name change, but I thought he was joking. (Not doubting you, just reporting my thoughts at the time.)


There’s always a way with a clowncar.

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Perhaps The Big Bus?

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The clowncar-anus from Dan Savage’s Humpfest will haunt me for years.

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I have been both afraid and interested in that festival…

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then there’s the occasion of how to stop a biggish boat banging up against a brick wall in a flooded area