Just gonna say, we tried a moderate in 2016 and it got us Trump /r/unpopularopinion

The title is my 2 cents.


Fair. It this time it’s vote blue no matter who. I am no Biden fan but he’s got my vote if he wins the nomination.


Not saying I won’t vote for him over Trump, just saying he has a chance to alienate anyone progressive. They might vote for Jill Stein over voting for Biden.

Then they are to blame for it. Don’t waste a vote on a candidate that cannot win and it only helps Nostradumbass get re-elected.

They have to swallow ego and pride and vote D no matter who it is. Otherwise they are LITERALLY to blame.


Can’t tell you how many Bernie or bust, Yang or bust people I’ve encountered. Some said if Yang didn’t win, they wouldn’t vote or would vote for Trump.

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A lot of things got us Trump, including the popular vote not counting in the first place. Vote blue no matter who is exactly what is going to lead the DNC to think their approach is just fine. People are scared, and are voting middle of the road, because they have been told it’s too risky otherwise. You don’t want that other guy, that really didn’t win in the first place, another time do you? Shit situation to be in, but here we are.


Then they are bullshit that they want change or to make things better. Biden is not progressive but he gets us back to the middle at least. Those people saying “if it isn’t Bernie or yang I’ll vote trump” are …and I am not sugar coating…absolute god damn fucking idiots!

Part of being a real adult is finding compromise and understanding that when it’s not your way you can’t pull a tantrum.


Always, always compromise. That’s the only choice you ever get. Yang is a twat too, BTW.


Back to the middle at least is going to be the death of us.

I liked Yang and found I liked some of his ideas. But I never felt he was going to be able to gain any ground.

How many years do we have to correct climate chaos? There are some issues that don’t care about compromise.

Yes, vote blue no matter who, but also let them know there will be hell to pay if they go back to business as usual. If they think they can try then it is up to us to stop them.


No argument from me on that!

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Biden does not have the baggage (real or imagined) that Clinton had. Which means that there won’t be the same visceral drive to get conservatives to vote against him.

I give Biden a better chance now than in 2016. *Assuming the market keeps tanking.


It’s taken him 3 presidential runs to win one state, nonetheless whatever is won tonight. Not trying to be overly critical but, still. CNN says he run sometime in the 1980’s, 2000’s, and now.

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Trump didn’t make it on first try either.


Also, while I’m ranting:
Fuck Bloomberg and his ability to buy his way into the race so late. Watching the tallies come in and looking at the percentages his dumb ass is getting, and where it would put other candidates, is making me furious.


I’m scratching my head, going WTF America. It’s maddening.

I thought before and I think now that he has a good chance to win California i.e. Bloomburg and as of this writing, he’s in a dead heat /w Bernie.

I hate horse race politics, and I’m not going to make a bet on that either way. I’m just furious he was even allowed in.

I see people referring to Warren as a “spoiler candidate” when she is in the race with ideas, and Bloomberg gets a pass, being in with primarily money?