Kavanaugh accused of sexual misconduct in letter provided by Feinstein to federal investigators: REPORT


And even then…they’d probably say “well…they were asking for it” /s

I am so fed up with those sycophants.


You are incorrect. The NYT story says she informed Democrats on the judiciary committee in summer. Thr article does not state when the information was submitted to federal investigators.


There are three basic possibilties here (a) DF could be acting in bad-faith; (b) DF is raising a genuine issue that does not rise to the level of disqualifying BK; or [c] DF is raising a genuine issue that is really bad and does disqualify BK.

The problem is that, absent substantive disclosure, nobody knows which of these options is most likely. Keeping it secret, however, to allow the imagination of the public to go wild is questionable ethically.


The press release strongly implies that the referral to the FBI was recent. And the lack of an FBI investigation of the allegations during the summer and up through the hearings seems to bear that out.


The press release was in response to queries from the press seeking to corroborate the leaked information about the letter, wasn’t it?
It’s certainly possible that Sen. Feinstein leaked the information, too, but I don’t see any evidence of that yet.


Fair point - we will have to see how it plays out. I would have preferred that DF release redacted evidence over this sort of “blind item” press release, but time will tell.


You or I could buy a copy of all yearbooks for schools Kavanaugh attended, and start calling every classmate ever. Reporters of various degrees of ethics can start calling and asking for dirt or opinions of him and everyone he ever made eyes at. That may already be enough info to identify her. More information may give it away.


Well, the allegation was about something that occurred during high school, and as he attended an all-boys Jesuit high school (Georgetown Prep), I don’t think that the yearbooks would be of any assistance. If there was a female victim, she didn’t attend the same school as BK.


Are you claiming inside knowledge of the FBI’s portfolio of ongoing investigations?


His peers know him, and what he did with his spare time.


You wrote team “Team Blue - Team Red with fewer Nazis!” saying Democrats and Republicans are both a bunch of Nazi’s with Democrats just having a smaller percentage. Since it follows your critique of Feinstein sounds like you mean she is one of these Democrat Nazi’s. If not why are you even bringing up Nazi’s in your post?

The senior Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Diane Feinstein, referred the information involving Kavanaugh to federal investigators

The allegations may or may not be true. She forwarded it to Federal investigators to do what they do. How is restraining dumping a bunch of unverified details “throwing bombs”?


If only Kavanaugh were a Democrat, so sexual misconduct would matter. When it comes to the GOP, it’s the main way they earn their bones.

  1. Bit surprised how many people defensive of Feinstien given the general mood of this thread:
  1. If his general O_o views expressed during questioning, or the fact less documents from his tenure in the White House has been released than requested isn’t enough to get him rejected, it is hard to imagine that something from 35+ years ago is going to be the nail in the coffin.


“Confidential information” does not equate “unsubstantiated speculation.”

The New York Times refuses to publicly share the identity of that recent op-ed writer but that doesn’t mean that they don’t know who the source is.

I doubt very much that Feinstein would make this announcement if she didn’t have credible evidence to back it up.


MMMMmmmmm, hmmmmmmmmm.


Cool. Sexual misconduct allegations have historically been a huge problem for Supreme Court nominees.


Do you honestly believe Bill Clinton or JFK would have been viable Democratic candidates in the #MeToo era?

I think it’s a GOOD thing that (some) people are holding public servants to higher standards of person conduct regarding sexual harassment than they were a generation or two ago.


The 1st guy was impeached- so pretty huge consequences.

What allegations of sexual abuse were made against the 2nd guy?


Wow I guess the misogynistic rhetoric was no decoy, who’d have thunk.


Barring a pattern continuing into adulthood I’m inclined to give indiscretions of minors a pass for the same reason that juvenile convictions are supposed to be sealed. Kids do remarkably stupid stuff sometimes. We’re wise to support them in turning around and becoming productive law abiding members of society.

Now if this is just the tip of a larger iceberg then let’s use it to drown this nomination. I’d like to see him go down but I’m just not sure the indiscretions of a child are the proper path.