Keep your parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme fresh in this airtight 1-up Mushroom jar


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Is that like when you feel like your body might be stretching in odd places after ingesting some weird fungus?


All four in one jar? Why would you…

…waaaaaait a minute, you don’t really mean parsley, do you?


Machine blown. Unique and rare … like nearly every bottle and jar made for the last century.



they mean Oregano


Here in Washington State, you could even keep your legal marijuana in it. No need to beat around the bush, yo. (or the kush)


Dammit, I accidentally bought the wrong jar. Now I’m ten feet tall and none of my clothes fit right anymore.


For returns, ask for Alice.


You mean “go ask Alice” :mushroom:


I know. I heard they mass produce these by jumping just right on a turtle in level 3-1…


Who the fuck is Alice?


…ask the white rabbit?

Anyone else think of the movie The Game when that song comes on?



For the best in men’s clothing, ask for Janice!

Thyme! but it came with cherry flavored mushroom-shaped candy.


718-498-Ten Forty-Three.


yo, did you ever get through? I tried at intervals for like ten years, but all I ever got was the woman saying the mailbox was full.


I admit it never occurred to me to try. So, now you have my admiration as well as my esteem.


According to White Pages, there is an actual person living in Brooklyn, NY with that land line number. She has an eastern European-sounding first name, so she might be an immigrant with absolutely no idea why she’s getting all the phone calls.


I don’t imagine they are in business anymore, so wouldn’t be surprised if someone different has the number now, as some hipster seemed to have turned the haberdashery into a bistro