Kentucky court clerk jailed until agreeing to do her job or quit it

Then they came for the homophones, but I didn’t know who Kant was or how he was pronounced, so I didn’t speak out.

There’s an awful lot of Kant(English pronunciation) from these Kants (German pronunciation).


Of course, since surely we have reached the End of History.

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There’s also the issue of theft, by way of taking a paycheck for a job she’s not doing.


So, I have a solution here. This lady is unhappy in our secular society. The refugees leaving the middle east are obviously unhappy being shot at in theocracies… Why don’t we swap the refugees for Kim Davis and her supporters (and the GOP candidates who want a theocracy). They get to go live in a theocracy, near the home of JESUS!!! And the refugees no longer have to deal with the BS of trying to live their lives without getting shot at or bombed. Win-win?


What has the evil dictator Assad and his murderous cronies ever done to deserve people like this living next door to them?
She’d actually fit in well in Russia right at the moment, where propaganda in support of a gay lifestyle is illegal. Though they might turn up their noses a bit at her hereditary and dynastic tendencies.


I’m sure they’d be happy in Hungary too, since they think that people TRAVELING THROUGH THEIR COUNTRY, SEEKING REFUGEE FROM A CIVIL WAR constitutes a “threat to the Christian roots of Europe…”

I need to go back to the angry, shouty thread, don’t I? Because I feel angry and shouty about this.


Tolkien doesn’t mention it, but presumably Gandalf actually saved himself from the Balrog by hanging from the safety rail on a bungee cord. It’s hard to believe the dwarfs would have gone to the bother of all that excavation without a decent theme park down there, or that somedwarf wouldn’t have been going round with a clipboard checking compliance to the safety regs.

I am off topic and I rejoice in my offtopicalness.

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As it were. So as it were be. Ramen.

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Gotta take Muslims out of there, they worship the same god that Christians do.

Yeah, but many evangelicals don’t believe that they do…


FYI - marriages are on track in Rowan County!


Flashmob gay weddings in Kentucky?

They should aim to make it the #1 county in the country for gay weddings while she’s…absent.


In the Old Testament, Gehenna, maybe; Hell-- not so much. Judaism really isn’t very definite on any kind of afterlife.


After all, Jesus observed of the Conservatives of his own day “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees!..” (Matthew 23 is interesting because he goes on at length and it becomes obvious why they are going to get him killed.)

Whether or not you believe in an historical Jesus and his divine mission (I tend to think there probably was an historical character in there somewhere and some of his sayings are probably quite accurately recorded, but that is as far as it goes) it is extremely difficult - camel/rope through eye of needle difficult - to reconcile “conservative Christian” behaviour with the recorded sayings of Jesus. The present Pope at least seems to be making an effort in the direction of Gospel literalism. But the Bible Belt lot:

Judaism is focussed on the contractual relationship between Yahveh and Jews. The Bible is basically one long argument about what this means in practice. Stuff like afterlifes, the origin of the universe and so on are not really of great interest; creation myths are just bunged into a collection of “Just So Stories” in the first book, and that’s it. The important stuff comes later; about whether God approves of kings (outcome uncertain), how he feels about ethics (a lot of prophets have very strong views on the subject) his views on strong women (mixed) and his views on relations with gentiles (very mixed).

Which is why it is so funny, in a sad way, that a collection of non-Jewish white people have appropriated the OT, completely missed the point of swathes of it, and used it to make up a religion which causes progressive Jews to despair of humanity and in the past has caused immense problems for Jews in general.

I don’t know whether this woman just suffers badly from Dunning-Krueger effect or whether she thought this was a clever money making wheeze that meant she would never need to work again, but we have to look to Bible Belt religion as an explanation of so much stupidity. Sadly, all the preachers responsible for it can’t be sent down for contempt of court.

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Holy shit that was depressing, as is the entire site. I don’t know whether to be more upset about this cartoon, “4 easy ways to love sharing the gospel this Halloween” or the fact that they somehow snagged such a great domain.

How could she say this if she has only been in that position for less than a year? She was elected within a year of the ban on SSM in Kentucky being struck down and Kentucky being ordered to recognize same-sex marriages from other jurisdictions. The decisions were stayed and the bans were upheld by the time she swore the oath, but it’s not like it was outside of the bounds of possibility that things could change.

(Must resist the urge to include Princess Bride gif)


It used to be that a Conservative was someone who bitterly opposed something which they would recall always being in favour of in 25 years time.
Now it’s more like 5 years, thanks to the Internet.

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Perhaps they follow Jesus better than the xtians…

Gospel of Thomas Saying 114: Simon Peter says to them: "Let Mary go out from our midst, for women are not worthy of life!" Jesus says: "See, I will draw her so as to make her male so that she also may become a living spirit like you males. For every woman who has become male will enter the Kingdom of heaven."
Gospel of Thomas Saying 22: Jesus saw some children who were taking the breast: he said to his disciples:...And if you make the male and female one, so that the male is no longer male and the female no longer female,...then you will enter [the Kingdom!"]
I recall it paraphrased as Not until woman becomes man and man becomes woman shall ye enter the kingdom of heaven.
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