Kim Jong Un fed uncle to dogs




to look in charge

more like to look like a bond villain.


The report is p’bly every bit as true as “Dingoes ate my baby.”


Ivan IV the Terrible chucked his leading boyar to the dogs, maybe he’s taking a leaf out of his book.


Just an unfounded rumor designed to make DPRK look even worse than it already is.


Nonsense, Dear Leader was merely refuting imperialist lies about ‘malnutrition in Best Korea’; by demonstrating the willingness of even the highest members of the government to sacrifice for the good of others and the nation!


Didn’t I see that in Django Unchained?


Kim DjonUngo Unchained?


But that one is true.


Uh… that was true. They eventually found the remains of that poor woman’s baby… AFTER she spent 3 years in prison.



Pics or it didn’t happen. Feel free to fax a copy as proof.


I love that band…I hear they’re playing at The Bronze this weekend.

*edited to correct for improper usage there…their…they’re


Everyone knows that gangsters use pigs. dogs are super lame.


, so it is true, since it has been confirmed that dingoes had, in fact, eaten Azaria Chamberlain


With that tough stance on crime, it’s no wonder he’s sewn up the Tea Party vote!


This may be a case of poetic justice. I had always heard that North Koreans like to eat dogs, but this may be the first time that the dogs got one back. All pun intended but that is one sick puppy. Also what happened to the dogs afterwards? If eaten, that is a complete food cycle, ad infinitum.

Also in a starving country known for eating dogs where did they find 120 dogs?


Who let the dogs out?

Kim Jong Un did…


My (poorly made) point was that this NBC report is p’bly just as accurate about the events of Jang’s death as “Dingoes ate my baby” – which is to say that no matter how close it might be to truth, it’s not actually factual. (Lindy, and her character in the movie, actually said “Dingoes took my baby” – but somehow we all remember her saying “Dingoes ate my baby.” Cf. Darth Vader: “Luke, I am your father,” Voltaire: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,” etc.)


Hyperbole and a half, says I :wink: