Kim Jong Un responds to Trump's name calling

Yeah Kimmie is as balanced as a pig on a pogo stick while trump is skate boarding on a high wire… Not real encouraging.
And why is it that the worlds two dumbest haircuts are in a pissing contest with the rest of humanity apparently do anything


I used that in a song, like a hundred times.


Did you have these two holes in mind?




I guess the influx of natural disasters (back to back earthquakes in Mexico and a seemingly endless supply of hurricanes) isn’t enough tragedy to be getting on with.

Now we’ve got these two ego-maniacal twits waving their nuclear dicks at each other.

Will someone please pass the happy pills? I need to check out of this mess.


And by happy pills, I mean Swedish Fish (see previous post for reference)

(Further edit) I am not sponsored by Swedish Fish, although I would be open to offers.


If we zoom out a bit, the existential threat to North Korea was declared by Bush during his “Axis of Evil” rhetoric, and the following invasion and destruction of Iraq, and the execution of the only “Axis” leader who attempted to comply with US demands.

Waving one’s nuclear arsenal about is the only sane response to modern US “diplomacy.”

And as a US citizen, I’m thrilllllled that I pay taxes for this shit instead of infrastructure or first world health care.


I didn’t get a hurrumph from that guy!


Mercer thinks that nuclear war isn’t that bad. Bannon probably hopes that it’s worse.


Yeah, Bush was the one who made the managed problem unmanageable. Trump is continuing in his footsteps - well, drunkenly staggering in them, figuratively speaking. I do wonder how he’s being counseled - not that he retains any of it, much less follows the advice…

Oh Dionysus, that’s right - he’s the guy who believes radiation is good for you, and a nuclear war is the shot in the arm that the human race needs, isn’t he? These people are so fucking nuts, it’s impossible to overstate it.


Mr. Dear Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un, if you’re reading this, I suggest another word:

third-person singular simple present betrumps
present participle betrumping,
simple past and past participle betrumped

  1. (transitive) To deceive; cheat; belirt.
  2. (transitive) To elude; slip from.

So Kim even has a better vocabulary. The only time I need to look up a republican’s word is when they use rare, almost extinct, racial epithets. e.g.


Sounds like Warren Zevon, to me…

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Nuclear war may not even be the worst, North Korea is unlikely to have all that many bombs or missiles, a few cities up in smoke. No one really knows how far along their bioweapons program is, but worst case they could start a global pandemic that would kill far more people than any limited nuclear war.


Late stage assholery, with a side of premium mediocrity in governance.


However, Kim’s description of Trump was pretty much spot on,so perhaps he’s listening to some relatively intelligent advisers.


There are only two idiots here who have no idea what’s going on. Behind this lovely, distracting bluster ( what collusion? bye bye healthcare, adios national parks…) most of the politicians are happy with the currennt scenario and have no desire to change it. For the first time in years, they have a negotiating position with China. The Chinese loved it the way things were. North Korea was not only a great source of cheap Korean restaurants but also a buffer between them and the encroaching South Korean and Japanese democracies/capitalism. There is no good solution for them at the moment. If they don’t get rid of Little Kim then how can this play out? The “crazy Americans” turn the Korean peninsula into a radioactive desert or the current regime collapses through sanctions and millions of refugees flood over the border. No, behind the scenes it’s playing out like this, " you get rid of your crazy idiot and we’ll get rid of ours. In the meantime, let’s talk about trade…" There’s an agreement ( after the Republicans have shoved through every disgusting piece of legislature that they can) and then Kim is replaced with whatever plant the Chinese have there and Cheeto Don is forced out. ( by the revengeful Democrats, of course.) For the Republicans, it’s a win-win. They don’t want Pres. Dump out when his ratings are low, they want the Democrats to try and impeach him when his ratings are high. It saves them the trouble of having to get him out themselves and still delivers them the mid-terms. They can even shake thier collective heads and says, " and just when he saved us all from the evil North Koreans…"


Mercer’s scientist friend, Arthur Robinson, with 14,000 bottles of human piss in the fridge, probably disagrees with you.

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Is Kim Jong Un any bit the golfer his father was supposed to be? Personally, I’d love to see him and Trump square off at Mara Lago or Bedminster.


That’s a classic.

I was trying to wrap my head around this at work.

Since the end of the Korean War, North Korea has done pretty much nothing other than sabre rattling. They have sunk a couple ships, executed a few dozen internationals as “spies”, and lobbed middles into the ocean.

Barring an outright assault on South Korea or an accident that misplaces a missile on Japan, they are (in my eyes) far less dangerous than the USA.

Right now it looks like everyone in Seoul and North Korea is going to die horribly so that Trump can score points with a bunch of ignorant, racist, white, middle class, suburban mouthbreathers.