Kim Jong Un responds to Trump's name calling


“Fucktard” would also have applied.



Is there a Korean word for fucktard?

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Every US President since then has understood that they’re just a bully.

Unfortunately, the new US President is the first one who responds to bullies with ten times the bullying lest he be seen as a weakling.

I really hope that 25 million people don’t have to die to prove how big Trump’s dick is.



And as I said in a previous thread, even though NK has been telling everyone America is just itching to come in , rape their women, kill their men, and eat their babies. But up until now they didn’t have footage of an American president in the last 50+ years making direct threats.



Exactly this. I would think that lesson one for incoming presidents on North Korea should be “don’t make their propaganda into reality”.



It was truly an inspiring work.



“Don’t feed the trolls.”



“The mentally deranged behavior of the U.S. president openly expressing on the U.N. arena the unethical will to ‘totally destroy’ a sovereign state, beyond the boundary of threats of regime change or overturn of social system, makes even those with normal thinking think about discretion and composure,”"

Why is the absolute dictator of the most repressive regime on the planet the only grown-up in the room here?



Its even less than that. Its pretty much acknowledged by everyone who is not an idiot that this is all pretty much a game and a ploy to shake down neighbors for cash. Everyone plays along with it. Because paying off North Korea is still cheaper and less headache than removing the regime. Nobody wants to contemplate the trouble of trying to reintegrate the stone age economy of North Korea with the country which makes a ton of our popular electronic doo-dads.



Kim knows a gullible troll when he sees one; he’s been playing the troll game for long enough to spot a fellow thin-skinned shit-stirrer a mile away, and he’s playing one of the oldest troll/bully games in the book: provoke and poke and needle your target until they freak the fuck out, and then act like the mature, clearheaded, intelligent one. “Look, Mr Principal, I don’t know WHAT got into him. Clearly he can’t be trusted and needs detention. I was just acting in self-defense. (smug smile)”






North Korea sounding more measured, reasonable, and diplomatic than america.

That’s it, we’re living in a cyberpunk tabletop campaign and i want to punch the GM.



I’m pretty sure all it proves is how small his dick is.



I’d much rather see them tee off at the DMZ. Maybe we’ll get lucky and 45 will step on a landmine.



Trump only has one audience: Geographically and culturally isolated republicans who don’t actually follow international politics. If you understand that these are the only people being addressed when he opens his mouth, you understand why he says what he says and why some folks will go to the grave defending his toothless rhetoric. Trump never “reads the room” because he never leaves it. The Jes’ Plain Folks who see international politics as a metaphor for their childhood playground conflicts will tell you, “That’s how you deal with a bully!” They will also start swinging the moment anyone else talks to them “that way.”



Say what you will about Kim Jong-Un, but playing Words Of Warcraft with Donald Trump on the heady battlefields of Twitter and Merriam-Webster is going to be fucking epic.



North Korea actually has made huge strides in catching up in terms of production and technology, because Un actually cares about things like that compared to Il and Un managed to bring the people and generals behind him while Il has a weak grasp on the reigns. There is a reason there is a generation gap in development in NK, which is why treating Un like Il is a mistake. One was an incompetent who was happy to saber rattle alone, the other aims much higher and has the competence to acheive much worse things as a result.

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Catching up here really means that they are at 1970’s technology while their targets are all at the cutting edge of 21st century tech. Un is looking to use nukes as “regime change insurance” which is perfectly understandable. However kind of redundant considering that blackmailing Seoul with conventional forces has the same effect.

If South Korea and Japan wanted to go full nuclear with long range missiles and aircraft to carry them, they can do so within a month. The resources are there. The only thing stopping them are treaty obligations to the US.

Un is trolling Trump for as long as it remains amusing and useful. If anything he appears to be working along with Russian goals of weakening the diplomatic ties between US and South Korea. South Korea’s president Moon Jae-in has been absolutely furious with Trump and always ruled out military options from the very beginning.



This. Very much this. Let me add, though, that Trump very seldom follows through, so why would he this time? He can brag and boast and his audience will love him for it, but he doesn’t have to actually DO anything. Just like he doesn’t have to build a wall, or replace Obamacare or lock up Hillary or bring jobs back from China, or ban all Muslims or get US troops out of the Middle East, or…

I sure hope I’m right about this.



Fixed that for you.

‘Mediocrity’ implies a certain level of acceptability; even if it’s not all that great, it’s still tolerable.

Neither asshole’s piss poor excuse for policy and governance is anywhere near ‘tolerable.’