Kyle Rittenhouse missing

Every news link I’ve seen about it states that Rittenhouse’s whereabouts are currently “unknown.”


For some reason I keep thinking of the case of Kalief Browder, who at 16 years of age was accused of stealing a backpack. He spent three years at Riker’s Island, awaiting trial - before they dropped the charges. Having spent what should have been the better part of his high school years incarcerated without being convicted of anything, he was so traumatized by the experience that he killed himself shortly after being freed. His case, and similar cases, keep leaping into my mind lately, every time I read about the treatment of Trumpers by the legal system, for reasons I can’t qwhite put my finger on.

They don’t know where she is, either. The whole family moved without a forwarding address and lied to the court about it.

Well, as far as the court’s concerned - he’s not where he’s supposed to be. He and his lawyer failed to notify the court that he had moved, going so far as to perjure themselves and claim he was still at his previous address. Presumably his lawyer knows where he is, but isn’t telling.


Yep, and that’s not privileged. Helping your client commit a crime is not protected by attourney client privilege.

If you ask me, the judge is making a mistake by not imprisoning the lawyer immediately and making his release conditional on cooperating on bringing in rittenhouse.


If the legal authorities don’t know where a suspect who’s accused of murder is, then it sounds like his attorney is violating the law to me, but IANAL.

Good day.


Worse, the lawyer flat out lied to the Court. He knew Kyle wasn’t at that address and gave a lame excuse for his dishonesty. The lawyer is looking at Contempt of Court and accessory to “bail jumping”. Lying to the Court in of itself is subject to fine and professional sanction.


There is at least a possibility Wood is in on this and was willing to post the $2 million bond knowing Rittenhouse would flee, because Rittenhouse offered him $3+ million of legal defense fund money, and Wood now gets to keep all but $2 million of it.


I would say “missing” is fair enough, even if I would have preferred a phrase like whereabouts unknown. The court required his residence to be listed and with the collusion of his lawyer, he chose not to inform the court of his new location. No one would object to talking about a ‘missing’ murderer who escaped from prison, just because one of their accomplices knew where the safe house was. This is the same situation. His accomplice in hiding his location from the legally constituted authorities knows where he is, but the courts don’t.


Absolutely, this is contempt of court at the very least. They should also fine him a hefty sum for every day he spends in jail.


Judge can order the lawyer to disclose the location and if he doesn’t, tell the bailiffs to take him off to cool his heels at the pleasure of the court.

Until the court is satisfied of his whereabouts as required he Rittenhouse is indeed missing.

Based on common law so most likely the case in the US too.


You would think even the risk of that would motivate the lawyer, because people can be held in contempt for a long time.


Wooo! That’s some stretch! Judges can be total arseholes though (comes with the territory) one had a lawyer taken down to the cells because their mobile phone went off in court in Dublin.


This guy though? He’s shielding a murderer and fugitive. Take him down bailiffs.






Maybe Ethan Couch (the Affluenza court case kid who tried to flee to Mexico) and his mom are helping the Rittenhouses…like a White Privilege Underground Railroad. /s


He’s probably on a militia training camp on the countryside at this point


From one perspective, the big Hollywood-style court case is something these assholes should want, so they can spew their vileness in a public venue and create endless headlines. Another though, is the benefit of creating an underground type vibe, “righteous outlaws” out there hiding from Sheriff of Nottingham.

The latter is a far more disturbing thing, if that is how it ends up.


Except it’s not underground, since they don’t have to hide; and it’s not a railroad (ew! Public transportation!) /s


more like a tRumptilla of poorly piloted boats or giant, banner-flying caravan of over-compensating yugely pick up trucks, in open escort for this lad-hero of the fashies.
they DNGAF.


It really is disheartening to read the comment boards on Fox News (I really do not recommend doing this if you value your sanity). They really do worship that kid like he’s some kind of hero. It’s just sick. There’s no other word for it.


I’d be willing to bet a sizable number of these people if asked would tell you it was actually a railroad, underground.


Just remember to assume that foreign troll accounts are going to be most active on that type of site. Yes, they do propagate what’s already there, but a huge thing to remember is that Internet forums do not resemble society. Much like bb does not resemble “mainstream Democrats,” I think it would be a mistake to assume a right-leaning or far-right Internet forum is representative of the average Republican.