Late Stage GOP Fascists Events 🖕🏾🍊🤡 (Part 3)

“If we don’t know, we can’t be held responsible, right?” No, you fucking ghoul. This is absolutely not correct. You can and should know about this, and pretense of ignorance is no excuse. And the fact that we all know you are cheering for some sort of “self-genocide” of LGBT kids is not helping your case at all.

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update on another of the 2017 neo-Nazi marchers:

  1. Are you having unprotected sex?

Student: Ooooh, that sounds good! Gotta get on that!

As usual with these guys, gathering facts that might indicate things are not actually as they would like them to be = injuring their little fee-fees and causing harm to their egos. I hate this, a lot.


“Yes, because my school’s SexEd program does not discuss contraception”


Or “what does unprotected mean?”

My kid is six and we already have several how babies are made books and Sex is a Funny Word. There will be more. Because we live in Texas and hopefully kids who visit my house will find the books useful.


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From the Orlando Sentinel article:

Rather than continue with a generic nationwide survey, our intent is to improve our data collection efforts to make the survey specifically tailored to Florida’s unique needs,” said FDOE spokesperson Cassie Palelis in a prior statement to the Orlando Sentinel.

Duval County also announced it canceled plans to conduct the survey last week after the Florida Department of Health terminated its contract with the district and a stern letter from Florida Education Commissioner Manny Diaz Jr. strongly urged it not to participate, Superintendent Diana Greene told the Florida Times-Union.

Diaz in his letter gave further insight into the state’s decision to withdraw from the survey. He said the survey is “inflammatory and highly sexualized” and “asks leading questions phrased in such a way that may actually introduce risky behaviors to students, prompting them to engage in potentially detrimental activities.”


and afterwards they got in their massive suvs and attempted to drive their power drunk, alcohol impaired selves home. because caring about others is what they do best :confused:

they’re not courageous. they’re bullies


Here are the questionnaires used, if anyone’s interested:

I didn’t make it all the way through, but so far they’re not giving me any ideas I wouldn’t have already had as a school kid. :roll_eyes:
I can almost guarantee that when they say they’re going to shift to a more “Florida specific” form, they mean they’re going to look at which survey items shone a light on the effects of their evil, bigoted policies, and remove those ones.


Republican representative: “We are under no obligation to be kind to one another and kids are not obliged to.”

Those words were uttered not long after he participated in a group prayer to the guy they believe inspired these words in one of the main Christian prophets, words that are carved into their holy book:

Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God has forgiven you. (Ephesians 4:32)


I ended up giving away every one of the fun factual sex ed books for kids. Parents would call me and ask to borrow them and I just said “take 'em and pass 'em on.”


I found this pic at r/utah … a context clue from comments:

I live in Utah County and my friend is a librarian here. She loves to display books that parents hope to ban.


a “right to bully”


Later this year M4L plans to hold its second national summit in Philadelphia. Titled “Joyful Warriors National Summit,” the event will be held June 20-July 2 at the downtown Marriot. The first summit last year was held in Florida, where the organization was founded and where it maintains its national headquarters. The choice of Philadelphia, a well-known Democratic stronghold, is an obvious bid by M4L to increase their presence and influence in Pennsylvania.

At this point, M4L has not announced its roster of speakers and sponsors. However, last year’s Summit roster of speakers included such right-wing luminaries as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who imposed the infamous Don’t Say Gay Bill on his state’s schools, and Betsy DeVos, Trump’s Secretary of Education who advocated abolishing the Dept. of Education.

The Marriot Hotel chain, host for both this year’s and last year’s Summits, has non-discrimination policies. However, administrators at the Philadelphia Marriot did not respond to repeated requests from PGN for comment on M4L’s anti-LGBT and anti-African-American stances.


Disclaimer: This group contains zero moms and is against liberty. The “Joyful Warriors Nation Summit”™ is depressing, contains zero warriors, soldiers, bailiffs, beastmasters or other related persons. This is a small regional group, and the “summit” is more of a loose gathering. YMMV. Taxes and fees may apply.

Oh, and we’re meeting at the Courtyard, not the full Marriott.