Lauren Boebert says if assault rifles are banned, Americans will be forced to eat their dogs

Mainly because she’s part of “the gang” that is definitely not ignoring the rest of us.


Boebert may not have been present for a golf tournament, but she’s definitely tight with these folks.


Which is hilarious considering how directly responsible the US (aka the CIA) is for those countries’ current governmental dysfunction in the first place.


Yah, conveniently, when making those arguments, they forget all about Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, and everywhere else that has almost no guns, a whole lot of socialism, and better quality of life by every measure than the US.


I’ve seen what my dogs eat and where they lick.

Not going to eat them.


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I guess declaring that the libs are going to take your guns isn’t working anymore. GQP had to come up with something even scarier. Personally, I think Bobo and MTG should sacrifice their “careers” for the greater good.

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…every other developed nation, besides the US, usually. Which is why this leap to Venezuela always leave me completely befuddled. Americans advocate for the policies of, say, Northern Europe, and reactionary chuckleheads immediately go for “That’s socialism - you want us to be like Venezuela!” When the people advocating say, “No, I want us to be like Northern Europe,” the chuckleheads reply with, “Nuh-uh, because they’re not socialist!” It’s just a descending spiral of cognitive dissonance leading straight to Hell.


They’re only not socialist half the time.

Socialism never works


In fairness to the reactionary chuckleheads, there is reason to believe(much of it their fault) that we might have have some difficulty pulling off the typically competent and rarely sociopathic governance that helps smooth along welfare state policy in prosperous bits of the developed world with high corruption perceptions index scores.


… is this before or after Juan Guaidó took over :confused:


Whatever happened to this guy?

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Venezuela’s governement has been a terrible shitshow mismanaging the economy for decades, but Maduro’s gang is exceptional in their all-around incompetence and corruption. Chavez was terrible, too, but he had actual charisma and was buoyed up by high oil prices; the current morons have nothing to offer and nothing to excuse them.

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Haha, yah, it’s a very weird cognitive dissonance that I can’t explain. The conservative Americans I have spoken to about it seem to be living in a delusion that America is the best country in the world by every measure, so anyone else’s system must be worse. When confronted with the data (infant mortality, life span, wealth gap, access to clean water, pollution levels, happiness surveys, homelessness, incarceration rates, gun violence, etc, etc) where America scores at the bottom of every developed nation, they simply don’t believe you and won’t discuss it further. :woman_shrugging: America’s discourse is like this on seemingly every topic right now, it seems. Conservatives have their own set of fake facts, so you can’t even have a conversation about anything.


I keep thinking about those surveys where they asked people what they thought the income disparities were in the US, and what people wanted them to be. Even self-identified conservatives thought the US was on par with the more socialist European states, and wanted them to be even more equal. Of course, once the truth is revealed, that’s when the cognitive dissonance kicks in and it’s the end of the conversation, so we never even get to the “so maybe we should adopt polices like those governments?” (Those policies, when presented, being evil socialism that they’d never remotely countenance).

It’s possible we’ve now reached the point where that is, literally, everything - that there’s not a single subject that isn’t caught up in some conservative alternate reality.


The traditional banal conversation is about the weather, and for sure that has not been immune. :slightly_frowning_face:


“Gosh, the weather sure has been ho- um, er… Hey, did you see the latest football g- ahhh, never mind.”


“Boy, we sure are talking, aren’t we? It’s nice to be able to communicate in spoken language, with such a nice collection of nouns, adjectives, verbs, prepositions, and pronnnnn…you know what, I have places to be.”


Ugh, exactly. It’s like they don’t understand how we get nice things, even a little.


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