Lauren Boebert's son called 911 accusing his father of "throwing me around" the house

I got real lucky in the 9th grade to have One of Those Teachers, the ones you never forget. We read very dark, very challenging books and we worked through them with compassion and nuance in a way that’s now explicitly illegal in some states.

She taught us that it’s important to understand people and their pain genuinely and compassionately - and then still hold them to account for their actions. And she even did it in a way that allowed for us to forgive ourselves for getting it wrong, as long as we held ourselves to account and sincerely worked to do better. What a hell of an educator, thank you Ms. Roberts.

This stuff is complicated and messy, and hard to talk about without exposing yourself to criticism. I’m glad we have spaces like this to, at the very least, hash out our own thoughts on difficult stuff. And maybe also work get dangerous people out of policy-making positions of power.


But to get back on topic, DV is the “family values” these christofascists support. Her children are innocent victims of her husband’s abuse and her endorsement of it.

If they weren’t white and politically connected, CPS would have done something.


Domestic violence is atrocious, and it shouldnt ever happen to anyone, not even evil people.


i heard an ad on public radio today encouraging people to investment in farm land. we are so doomed. :confused:


Wil Wheaton, who in recent years has become an outspoken advocate on the issue of child abuse:

Every single one of us who survived abuse knows EXACTLY what happened, here.
Child Protective Services should have opened an investigation in December, to protect this child from his abusers, and they should open one, now.
And remember this: every. single. accusation. is. a. confession.


But we all know white, well-connected folks don’t get CPS referrals. Their kids are their property to be done with as they see fit.

Marc Maron Rage GIF by IFC


Incidentally, I really appreciate how much Wheaton has been talking about surviving abuse the way he has been. I know it’s hard to be so honest and vulnerable about things like that, but I know that the young gamers, trekkies, and nerds that look up to him and I think that kids who have suffered similar problems will be helped by him being so public about it.


bobo’s parents should have used contraception - her hubby’s too.

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