Leaders and religion

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Um… no. He was a presbyterian - pretty devout by the looks of it. Where are you getting that from?



ah shit who am i thinking of then… i know there was at least one jewish president

No, there wasn’t. There have been only Christian presidents, and until relatively recently (Kennedy) it was all protestants. There have been no Jewish presidents, thanks in large part to utterly rampant anti-semitism in the US. Bernie Sanders has probably come the closest and I’d guess that if he’d gotten the nomination, we would have seen the antisemitism ramped up pretty high in the election.


ah, maybe thats what i was thinking. What was LBJ?

You do realize that Judaism is very different from Catholicism?

Disciplines of Christ, aparently. Again, another protestant sect. It’s protestants all the way down till Kennedy, and that was incredibly controversial.


Oh, conspiracy theories, you say about Jews? Not problematic in the least! /s :wink:



LBJ was remarkably tall. And from Texas.

Have you heard of the Skunk Ape? WIDELY believed to vacation in Texas.

Which means we should talk about the transdimentional treaties between global Zionists and the space lizards.

Bigfoot is a transdimentional tool of Zionist lizardmen. Often sighted in Texas.

LBJ may have been a shaven Bigfoot.


LBJ was Jewish.


It’s actually your knowledge of religions, seemingly, that’s a smidge under-studied, but the intersection with Prezzies is making it stand out amusingly. :wink:

PS: My intention is in good humor with this comment, and I hope I am not coming across as mean.


No. The Catholic church was founded on the new covenant with god, which came with the birth, preaching, and sacrifice, then resurrection of Christ. Jews do not believe the messiah has come yet. They are abrahamic faiths (as is Islam) and monotheistic, but Jews have generally been persecuted by Christians for much of the history of the church.

Protestant means not Catholic or Orthodox. The protestant formation broke with the church and started a race to build new churches based on new concepts and interpretations of the bible not dominated by the Catholic interpretation.

Maybe the first couple, but no. Most were protestants and some were deeply religious men (for good or ill).


Glad you know REAL scoop! :wink:


i present this as evidence of LBJ’s yeti ancestry:


Predominantly Episcopalian. A church that was founded as a sort of deist/enlightenment fueled break off from the COE. If you were throwing off the yoke of the British crown you couldn’t very well be a member of a church that reviered the King as its head. And preached the devine right of kings.

The dominant theological idea among early American leaders was Deism.

Which has largely faded away over time. The largest Deist movement still extant is the Unitarian Universalist Church. And that theology had a huge influence on the Episcopal Church.

Secular Humanism isn’t a religious proposition. So its not incompatible with any given religious affiliation. Its a political and philosophical idea about how society should be constructed.

Jefferson was a hard core deist. Ended up editing most of the supernatural stuff out of the bible. And said some shit that bordered on advocating atheism. IRRC Franklin was accused of being or implied to be an Atheist by rivals/critics. But he appears to have been an astoundingly lax christian of the deist variety.

Lot of Quakers among the founding father too. But we never ended up with a Quaker president.


that does explain all the god talk in the declaration of independence, and on our currency. thanks for the education sir

Dude… really?


Actually, Nixon was a Quaker.


There was Nixon… but meh.

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Obama also told the crowd that he would joke with his staff that he was ‘basically a liberal Jew.’


damn how did i blank on obama?! youre so right

wasnt his mother half jewish?