Learn how to move one eye without moving the other


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Here’s the “” that was missing from the headline.

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This is covered in week one of the Necromancy and Occult Mastery 101 course offered by Villains University.


I always did it by first crossing my eyes, then looking hard to one side or the other. Wins the bar bet, but it’s not as dramatic as rolling one eye outwards without crossing them first.


Just looking at the thumbnail gave me an eyestrain headache.:confounded:

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I taught myself to cross one eye by going cross eyed then focusing on something to the left or right of my head while keeping my head straight then going back to cross eyed. I’d really like to be able to point one or both eyes outward or do one up/one down, but I haven’t been able to do this.


Me too, when I was a kid. I think I’d get a headache if I tried now. Is there a practical use for this? I’m afraid to watch the video for fear of getting a sympathetic headache.




Interesting, but first I have to work on my ‘rolls eyes in exasperation’ bit. Right now it looks pretty much like this:



That’s how I taught myself to do it, actually. Crossing, looking hard, and just slowly working my way up to not getting second dates


Pfffftt… I’ve been able to do that ever since that baseball hit me in the head.


I taught myself this trick around age 10. 12 maybe? His description is pretty much exactly how I did it. It’s been handy for freaking people out at parties.


I was crossing one eye since I was little, when I thought I was crossing both. It took years to get the other one to cooperate.


Photographic evidence notwithstanding, I refuse to believe this is possible. Did you know there are people who can’t wink?



MK Ultra seem to be losing their touch.


Dare to dream big. I’m putting Marty Feldman on the bathroom mirror for inspiration:



Every home should have one.


Sings: “She’s got Marty Feldman eyes…”


“Here’s looking at you, kid.”