LED flashlight review in abandoned mine ends on unsettling note


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Man, I wish I had the patience to watch all that guy’s videos to see if he’s slowly, patiently, deliberately building a horror narrative through all his “unexpected finds” in the caves he explores. I guess I’ll just have to wait until the wrapup / supercut that just won’t be the same if I wasn’t in the comments section as things were unfolding…


So what’s the unsettling note exactly? I’m at work trying to be kind of productive :stuck_out_tongue:


Weird whispery noises. Nothing very coherent, probably some ambient noise made weird by the old echoes or something, but definitely the kind of thing that would make ME stop going deeper into this abandoned cave.



Hm. Seems ARG-like. It’s possible that someone could start a reviewing products and decide to slowly drop some unrelated narrative. If this is the case i think it’s a cool idea :slight_smile:


At one point, the words “nothing here” or “nothing to hear” are very clear, the rest is sussurus. Probably angry ghosts, but there’s the possibility of overdubbing as well. Nice Blair Witch vibe.


I think his narrative is that you should buy a ThruNite TN12.


I think he was hearing an echo of his own footsteps. If you noticed, the sounds would always stop a few seconds after he stops walking. They would pick up again a few seconds after he started walking again. He must have been in an area with the acoustic ability to reflect sound down the mine, then back to him.


I buy a flashlight to scare the ghosts away. The ThruNite TN12 seems to attract them.


In b4 Scooby memes.

I’d worry less about haunted sounds and more about cave-ins. If he gets trapped and dies, the world will never know his opinion on flashlights.

Also, listening to it on a very high end sound system, it sounds quite a lot like the speaker on a phone or mp3 player.

Homeless Guy #1: Psst, Bob, did you hear that?

Homeless Guy #2: Hear what?

Homeless Guy #1: Turn off your damn music for a second. I think I hear footsteps.

Homeless Guy #2: You really gotta lay off the dope, Mike.

Homeless Guy #1: No, listen. It sounds like someone talking about a flashlight.

Homeless Guy #2: I swear I gotta find a new shelter. …turns music back on


That’s exactly what it would sound like if a ghost was tracking you…


I had been thinking the same, i didn’t watch the video but still… you don’t just casually explore a very old abandoned mine. Cave ins are a thing, but there’s also the risk of asphyxiation from built up gasses, or worse, the risk of an explosion from those gases if they are volatile…


I mean maybe he’s some sort of geotechnical engineer and knows what he’s doing, but I sure wouldn’t feel confident given how many miners have died in cave-ins even when the mine was being carefully monitored by engineers.


Run to the light…


Wouldn’t The Descent be more appropriate horror reference? :smiley: (not that i don’t love Poltergeist)


Yes. I think it is such a stupid idea exploring alone a cave or an abandoned mine at night. The other readers pointed a series of real dangers. But he could find something worst than gases…

I was thinking in Poltergeist because he had a flashlight, and the ghosts are supposed to go after a bright light in order to do whatever the ghosts do in afterlife. Man, He was attracting all the ghosts! A ghost lure!

I never saw this descent movie. Is it good? Speaking in sinister holes I liked this one


he’s got several years of videos, but several of them have “ghost encounters” in the description. wannabe ghost hunter reality TV show guy.


Ghosts are harmless. It’s these fuckers you really gotta watch out for…

Even money he set up a phone or Bluetooth speaker and staged his little show.


Maybe he could review a sonic screwdriver…