Let's check in with Pablo Escobar's herd of feral hippos


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A hippodrome, so to speak?


I was going to comment that as they are an invasive species and all why not go the eradication route? The population is small enough. Kinda sucks that it should be an option but probably way better than the damage to the local ecosystem.


I think that, since there are no natural hippo predators there, you find some and release those in Colombia.

And once the hippos are gone, you find something that hunts those and release that into Colombia.

And then…


Seems like the perfect opportunity to put the asshole dentists of the world to good use.


“first, because it annoys the hippo”

Thank you, Cory. Thank you.

Probably more cost effective than autonomous vehicles assigned to follow the invasive behemoths about - hippodrones.


I just don’t understand why they’re so concerned about the environmental damage caused by the hippos, when deforestation is a much bigger issue in Colombia.

It just seems overly hippo-critical to me.

Let's check in with Pablo Escobar's herd of feral hippos
Florida is going to have to work to keep ahead of stories like that.


I doubt the hippos are actually “predating” on the manatees.

Biting you in half is just a hippo’s way of requesting more respect for his personal space.


The current strategy is containment-based: local vets and officials are trying to build a fenced-in habitat for the hippos that has everything they need to tempt them to stay, and a combination of natural and constructed barriers to keep them from wandering.

They’re going to look like idiots in six months when they discover a hippo-sized tunnel leading from the fenced area to the basement of a nearby house.

1.25.09: All aboard the Zambezi Miss 025/365:

Made another quick trip to Disneyland. Only visited two attractions: the tiki room and the jungle cruise.

Okay, good. I figured only Disney could fuck up making a plastic hippo that badly.


Well, they probably don’t trust the base hippo-theses of global warming…


Woah, they eat manatees???

I love manatees, but I kinda want to see that…


You haven’t heard of the dread carnivorous hippos of Colombia? They say they can skeletonize a man in under three minutes. Manatees take a little longer - they’re tougher.


That’s my favourite herd of feral hippos!


I’ve noticed humans have a remarkable ability to decimate a species simply by putting it on the menu.

Hippo: it’s what’s for dinner!


Um… hippo bacon? just kill them. They’re invasive and incredibly dangerous and don’t belong there for a many reasons. Yes it’s tragic and they should’ve been moved/rescued initially but this is nonsense.


Florida: Hippos? Pfft. We see your hippos - with our Burmese pythons - and raise you man-eating Nile crocodiles…


They’re eating manatees? Awesome excuse to…


No, they’re just huge vicious vegetarian bastards, that randomly kill things on a whim. They like to hang out with crocodiles, although there’s the occasional gang ultra-violence between the two species.