Lindsay Graham promises a National ban on abortion if the GOP wins in November

Oh I agree. If I were Chuck Schumer, I’d say ok, lets take your bill into committee and use it for the basis of codifying something Roe-ish. Abortion is legal until 15 weeks, any reason, states no longer have a compelling interest because Federal interests are supreeme. Bird ammendment regarding federal funding goes away. Limit the discussion to the parts that a majority of Americans are in agreement. Improve funding and access to women’s health care.

THEN tackle the tricky issues of later abortions that are medically necessary. I’m sick and tired of the mouth breathers conflating the issues of late term abortion as killing a baby with an ectopic pregancy which is essentially a cancerous misfire.

But right now the GOP is pushing cruelty, pain, suffering, and misogony. And if some women have to die, that’s a price they are willing to let woment pay.

I don’t think that the language of Graham’s bill could possibly be considered the basis for anything that protects rights for any duration of time. Have you read any of it?

Here’s one important section:


But Graham’s proposed bill doesn’t do anything like that; it does the exact opposite. It protects abortion rights for no one at all.


Or, and hear me out, we could just stop having the government telling women that they should be forced to be pregnant. It’s none of the government’s fucking business. Full stop.

they can fuck off.

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Yeah, playing their stupid games will not gain us anything at all, other then them winning.


the ppcucfltaa. excellent.

yes. generally they do. and i don’t think graham has done anything to prove he’s somehow an exception.

as far as i see it: their primary goal is to ensure that the power of the state is reserved for cis, white, hetro, conservative christians. their secondary goal is to create pain and chaos for everyone else because it stops people from being able to organize effectively against them.

they know that families with means will still be able to get abortions and access contraception. so this is all about pulling power in their direction and making the lives of everyone else both miserable and short. ( see also: no healthcare )

they know who they are hurting:


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