List of people barred from south London pub


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The question on my mind is does Aurora mind having her phone number at the top there published on the internets for all the world (not to mention the listees) to see?


Close call


When I was a Bartender, we called it the “wall of shame”.


So many names for new bands!!


I dunno, I’m gonna call her and ask her. You should too!


Dibs on Tall Chavvy Fighting Idiot of Old.


Yeah are we sure this isn’t a setlist?

(Edit: I guess “Short young balding usually nice bloke with beard” gives the lie to that idea.)


I was banned from a bar once. Being banned doesn’t upset me. Not getting a creative nickname does.


You’d have to go up against Noel Gallagher’s lawyers to use that one.



The Half Moon used to be my local. I recognise several people from that list! It’s been closed for a couple of years due to legal wrangling with insurers after a flood. Re-opening later this year. Hopefully One-Armed Keith won’t turn up… :wink:


Avoid any pub that does not ban Millie Tant.


I don’t know if I’m more amused by ‘Mickey Two Suits’, which sounds like a 1930’s mobster, or the fact that the person who typed this up doesn’t know how to spell “Keith.


Right then.


You misspelled my name… :frowning: (not that Im known to frequent pubs in S London, anyway.)


Now you know how Keith feels.


But how would “Kieth” know, if he’s been banned?


The ginger drunk twat called Angus told him.


So the “drunk Ginger twat Angus” was banned after ‘Kieth’ was?