Listen to Mitch McConnell's eerie laugh when his Covid failure is pointed out

Nothing makes him happier than 215,000 dead Americans.


If I bought the christian myths I would look at mc connell and see the antichrist. I can imagine that soulless sound coming from him when he hears of the horrors visited on immigrant kids ripped from their families. It seems to please him when he hears how republican power destroys the lives of people without money or power. He is a plague on humanity pleased to hear that people recognize the harm he has caused knowing he will continue the behavior as long as he’s above ground. Shame on the people of Kentucky who vote him in because of the money he represents, morality be damned. How sweet it would be if he had to face the mythical jesus who threw money changers out, the jesus that found value in the company of poor people.


we have an adversarial justice system in america. this is not an exchange privileged by our constitution. this, and the record of mitch’s activities, should be enough to indict. questioning of mitch might not be allowed. however, his senatorial record is completely admissible. if it’s possible to show that in his position of responsibility he acted in his own personal or political interests that then violated more than one law and should be addressed by our courts.

i don’t have a chill running down my spine today. hope you feel better.

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I’m getting a strong dementia vibe here.

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Worth repeating, and considering how much they like to insinuate themselves I don’t care about veracity for now.

Yah, I’m not even sure he knows what side of that line he’s on. In one NPR interview, he said “you can’t make change if you don’t win” over and over (and over) again. But he never said what change he stood for. So he believes all actions are acceptable in order to win so that he can make change (and by extension he’s the right person to make said unspoken change). As you say, maybe just “being the change-maker” is the point.


Change for the sake of Change? Is Mitch McConnell an Agent of Tzeentch? If so, he is definitely a Red Horror rather than a Blue Horror.

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He’s a republican, so he’s supposed to be conservative. But making changes is the antithesis of conservatism. But he has a constituency that wants a conservative republican to make changes in order to make The Bad People™ lives’ worse.


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