Listening to Trump at half-speed "reveals how often his logic is indistinguishable from a drunk person"


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I prefer to get it over quickly but YMMV.


I truly detest Trump, but slowing down anything to that speed makes the person sound drunk.


And if you speed him up, he sounds like it’s snowing in the Oval Office.


Doesn’t Kimmel or some other late night host do this as a regular bit?


When I saw this the other day, I laughed for like a minute straight. It’s so completely true. Slowing him down causes his mentally-addled nonsense to suddenly make sense - as the ramblings of a drunk. It’s the only context in which they really make sense.


But slowing down an intelligent, well-articulated argument doesn’t turn it into a drunkard’s nonsensical rant.


at 3x he starts to sound like a chipmunk on crack




Jimmy Kimmel has been doing this to hilarious effect for 2 years.


Don’t forget Hawaii. And American Somoa. And Guam. And the other dozen or so territories.


I love Trump jokes and laugh at all of them. And now I seem to be detecting an attitude in him where he invites and enjoys this ridicule. “Any notice is better than zero notice”? Does not seem healthy for someone in that position - but it is what it is :frowning:

Neither will be my enjoyment at hearing all those liberal screams when he’s re-elected. Hafta get off this junk food - it solves nothing. What you wanted on your tombstone? Made a liberal cry?

ALL presidents must be controlled. That’s the way things were setup in our Constitution. Unfortunately, the Dems will NEVER control him, and the Republicans won’t even try. So what we really need is a third political party which decimates both the Dems and Republicans. A party that Trump really FEARS. A party which will put him to work.

Could happen.


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How could I ever forget Guam…



I… just… can’t… resist… posting… this:




I wish I could laugh at anything trump, I don’t find anything funny about him at all, he’s incredibly dangerous and destructive, this attempt at humor exposes our powerlessness for the immediate future

even if he’s gone, this year, two year, please please not 6 years (omg) the federal courts are stacked, the supreme court is now imbalanced for DECADES, it’s not just “the wall” and his child concentration camps, but so many policies that will take so long to reverse and already have done damage to many lives - even if pence takes control think about how he will dial up anti-lgbt policies that will affect thousands if not millions and then there is the continued suspension of health care for the working poor

I’m not laughing


Try saying out loud “President of the United States Donald Trump”.

I can’t do it without busting up.